Real Diversity on Display at the Gym – Satire

Diversity is not always about skin color and ethnicity. It has a lot to do with a person’s values, experiences, culture, outlook, challenges, and behavior. For years, I’ve been a regular user of gyms and have belonged to at least eight locations. There are a lot of commonalities between gyms and one of them is the varying characteristics and behaviors of their members. Look at the diversity in these Gym Characters.


At the gym’s front door every day when the place opens.


Focused, driven, unobstructed, often in a hurry.


Shadow boxes in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Random Dancer

Spontaneously breaks into a solo dance routine, often accompanied by singing.


Provides advice, sometimes unsolicited, on how to use equipment or perform a specific exercise.


Typically male, looking for a date or something akin.


Dresses to convey a product, alma mater, belief, or comic idea.


Going to a gym is a social event, a place to chat and show off workout apparel.


Places personal items on or near equipment while off doing something else.


Occupies equipment while perusing their cell phone.

Loud Talker

Can be heard from the other side of the gym. Often accompanied by large gestures.


Scrubs equipment excessively before (and maybe after) use.


The gym stereotype poses in front of a mirror examining the muscular progress or deterioration.


Saves daily hygiene for the gym: arranging the hair, getting the spinach out from between the teeth; I’ve even seen a person applying roll-on deodorant.

I hereby recommend the following to all government administrations, all college admission offices, all human resource departments, and all Job interview panels.

Instead of focusing on applicants’ external characteristics, find out which gym character they are and your workforce will likely be more diverse than what your current approaches are yielding.

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Written by Bascott O'Connor

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