Seneca: When Pleasures Have Corrupted Both Mind and Body, Nothing Seems to be Tolerable

By: Gen Z Conservative

The Quote:

“When pleasures have corrupted both mind and body, nothing seems to be tolerable, not because the suffering is hard, but because the sufferer is soft.” -Seneca, De Ira

My Take

It reminds you of America today, doesn’t it? Of the mindless losers that spend their time not in building a better life for themself, a better future for their family, or a more productive business, but rather attacking cartoons and other petty things with which they disagree?

The part of De Ira that follows the above quotation exemplifies that yet further:

“For why is it that we are thrown into a rage by somebody’s cough or sneeze, by negligence in chasing a fly away, by a dog’s hanging around, or by the dropping of a key that has slipped from the hands of a careless servant? The poor wretch whose ears are hurt by the grating of a bench dragged across the floor—will he be able to bear with equanimity the strife of public life and the abuse rained down upon him in the assembly or in the senate-house? Will he be able to endure the hunger and the thirst of a summer campaign…”

It’s true. Those that are thrown into a rage by minor things, now called “microagressions,” aren’t likely to succeed when faced with real trials and tribulations.


Those types of people are very present in modern America, seen in both the stereotypical Boomer and stereotypical Millenial.

For example, we’ve all been in a fast-food restaurant and seen a “Karen” in her mid-60s absolutely lose it when the minimum wage employee accidentally puts cheese on her burger (because of course she’s lactose intolerant) or gives her regular Coke instead of Diet Coke. Of course, the problem could be solved by being polite and asking for it to be corrected; that’s how reasonable people handle such problems. But some people never deal with it in that manner. Because their lives have been so easy, the temerity of an employee accidentally giving them the wrong soda appears to be a problem that must be dealt with as Caesar dealt with the pirates that captured him: without mercy. A minor problem is intolerable because the “sufferer” is so soft.

The other example is the easily “triggered” Millenial. The type of person that wears whorish clothing but gets angry when people “objectify” her. The type that sees a cartoon, hears a sentence, or learns of a historical figure with which he or she disagrees and, rather than handling it like an adult and simply ignoring the “problematic” material, launches a blistering, tear-filled attack on the “offensive” material. Once again, the softness of their upbringing is to blame; were they raised in the war-shattered America of the post-Civil War period rather than prosperous, modern America, it’s unlikely they’d lose it over such minor things.

Softness is the plague of the modern West. Hard times create hard men, men who don’t have time for bullshit. Such men built the skyscrapers without safety equipment, stormed the beaches at Normandy, and climbed into rockets that frequently blew up on the launchpad. They did what was necessary, rather than what they wanted or what felt pleasurable, because times were hard and they knew no other way.

Now, we’re nowhere so lucky to have such virtuous citizens.

Hard men built America into the prosperous nation it is today. They built the companies, won the wars, and earned the prestige that put America in such an enviable position, much like the warlike Romans of the republic created the society that their descendants enjoyed during the times of the Roman Empire.

And now, thanks to that prosperity, we’ve grown soft.

Like the wealthy Imperial Romans, we spend our time in a debauched manner, sleeping around, gorging ourselves on unhealthy food, and bidding others to do our dirty work for us. We won’t fight, won’t shun degeneracy and embrace traditional values, and certainly won’t sacrifice for the common good.

And now that weakness is creating hard times.

Weak city officials defunded the police at the behest of the BLM terrorists, creating a crime wave that is plaguing cities and destroying small businesses.

Weak Biden officials have opened the border, letting in a flood of migrants not unlike the Germanic hordes that destroyed Rome. They suck up our resources, prey on our citizens, and shun American culture and Western civilization, bringing with them drugs, rape, and murder rather than virtue and morals.

Weak Republicans, unwilling to stand up to the left, have let CRT take over our schools, military, and government while doing nothing to curb the excesses of the left, much less fight back. Trump, a man from a different time, tried, but failed to fight the left, not because he was unwilling but because he appointed and chose too many weak men to stand alongside him. To a man, they retreated rather than man their posts; Mattis, Barr, Sessions, and the others all proved themselves to be cowards.

At the same time, society wastes its time not with confronting the real issues: Islam, the national debt, CRT, and China, but with petty issues. Leftists, especially, can’t focus on anything important because they’re so busy canceling cartoons and digging up old tweets. Nothing is tolerable to them because pleasure has made them so soft.

Seneca was right and we’re reaping the whirlwind for forgetting his wise words. Pleasure has rotted the soul of America and turned us into a nation of weak men.

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  1. I enjoyed this article thoroughly. I think humanity and, more specifically different cultures, cannot prevent or heal gaping wounds without knowing their accurate history. Thanks to the author for the context.

    Please, do not read my commentary as a diatribe on feminism and a lack of it within the article. It is not.

    In present-day, the word man when describing -“Hard times create hard men, men who don’t have time for bullshit. Such men built the skyscrapers without safety equipment, stormed the beaches at Normandy, and climbed into rockets that frequently blew up on the launchpad” will be met with cries of misogyny and an exclusion of women trope. However, in the context of the declaration above, and in the times of Seneca, De Ira-the word man is accurate. For rational minds, it is understood each of these great men had women in their lives who inspired and supported them making their magnificent feats and sacrifices possible. Any female that finds the context of man’s instincts for protecting women and children and promoting a better quality of life as threatening should seek therapy.

    With all that said, I agree in general, males in Western Culture have grown soft and weak. No, I am not men bashing, I love and need men in my life, truly. But I wish to add that it is not only men who are failing to uphold the societal norms and nurture healthy cultures. I place a large part of the blame on women. And, I extend that culpability to some of the causation behind the modern-day weak man phenomenon. In general, Western women have abdicated their instinctual responsibilities to humanity. This has resulted in producing an emasculated, confused, isolated, low-esteemed, narcissistic, immature, male unwilling and incapable of rising like a sentinel at the gate so to speak. Third-wave feminism is a Cultural Marxist construct designed not to support and strengthen women rather to degrade and demoralize men. Unfortunately, it has been highly effective. The result has also been to create generations of vapid women who are endlessly unhappy and ragefully dramatic. This dynamic has trickled down into how we raise children in many ways: withholding affection, penalizing ego, negligence of nurturance, and above all stripping the motivating factors for a man to forge courage and be demonstrably brave.

    Additionally, this broken duty of both women and men has produced apathetic, nihilistic, malignant narcissists and a tidal wave of Stalin’s “useful idiots.” Republicans lay down because weak voters who claim to be ‘Conservatives” step over them and keep on walking. Voters have failed us more than political parties. Stop and proverbially kick already! And if you are raising a son – teach him to be a warrior who knows women and children, traditional values, and freedom are all worth fighting for and defending- as they all make up the essence of our humanity worth recognizing, that if missing, makes his existence moot.

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