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Scotland Vaccine Deaths Show an Alarming Trend

Different areas of the world can show anecdotally what is happening in the ongoing Covid19 “pandemic.” But we wanted to highlight a couple of areas, Scotland and France, and see if there is a trend or just an outlier.

Here is detailed data from Scotland concerning Covid19. Just briefly, there is something that has caught our eye. As of July 18, 2021, the following are being reported by government agencies:

  • 10,268 ​​​​​​deaths have been registered in Scotland, where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate up to July 18th – click here.
  • 5,522 deaths within 28 days of vaccination – click see (download for a, by vaccine breakdown).
  • Scotland has vaccinated 90% of those aged 18 and over with at least one dose – click here.
  • The United States has vaccinated 57% with at least one dose – click here.

See below a summary table. US data are shown for comparison and context.

Country Scotland Potential Vaccine Deaths United States Potential Vaccine deaths Scotland Covid19 deaths United States Covid19 deaths
Population 5,400,000 340,000,000 5,400,000 340,000,000
Deaths 5,522 11,000 10,220 625,000
% per million 0.10% 0.003% 0.19% 0.18%

The alarming statistic here is that vaccine deaths are extremely high compared to the deaths by the disease itself – one to two odds – hardly data that would make one run out and get a vaccine. However, when juxtaposing the Scottish data against the US, perhaps Scotland may be an outlier – though the vaccination rates of the two general populations are different. Another point to be considered is how many would have died anyway – on both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Oh, but the politicization of Covid 19 continues. Prime Minister Jean Castex has warned that France is in the middle of a fourth wave of the pandemic as the Delta variant spreads through non-vaccinated citizens, with that cohort of the population comprising 96% of new cases. This has led to draconian new French laws to control the population – see here.

But when looking at the French Covid19 dashboard, yes, one can see the spike in cases, but not in hospitalizations or deaths. No report on vaccine deaths is shown – for obvious reasons – it would stall the government’s vacation efforts. So what is the French Macron administration talking about? Why the draconian lockdown of the unvaccinated?

French Data July 23 2021

One can also see this phenomenon of “new cases, but no associated rise in deaths” in the CDC statistics in the US – see here. However, be careful it is too early to say this is a trend or not.

Remember, these Scottish and French data are government official data – one could dispute the data, but what other data would you use? The point of this post is not to draw a conclusion, rather to provide additional data to help you make decisions for yourself.

This data is inconclusive and needs further development and understanding. Consult your doctor for your personal situation specifically. Over time we at the Right Wire Report will continue to parse the data to arm ourselves with potential answers.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Tom Williams

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  1. The real sad thing is the trends will not be allowed to be reviewed in a broader frame by those ” experts” informing the public. Trends are indicators which must be examined and resolved. Yes, not all trends are relevant findings but if excluded how can we get fair overview of the designated issue ?

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