You Cannot Claim Crime is Down Because You Don’t Track It

By Ray Cardello

Gavin, you did not try to claim that crime is down in 2021? Would you please tell us you did not compare your results in Blue California with all Red States? You can try both of those statements. They will not hold water. Gavin Newsom knows that, but in the new partnership with Democrats and the Main Stream Media, you say it, we’ll repeat it. After hearing it a few times, supporters of the Left will buy into it, and it will become fact.

Gavin Newsom was lying. He knew he was not squaring with the person asking the question or the people hearing his answer. Gavin Newsom is in survival mode and cannot afford a negative spin on any issue. Crime is paramount on everyone’s mind today, and the voters in the recall election are no different. The truth is very different from what Newsom answered. Crime is, in fact, down. That is not because of fewer crimes committed or good policing preventing crime. It is because what used to be a crime is no longer. If you take crimes like Shoplifting and make it no longer a crime if you steal below $950, you will still have crime, just not reported crime.

There is video evidence of people going into retail shops in LA and walking out, not running, with their hands full of goods valued at less than $950. They stole products BUT did not commit a crime, according to Gavin Newsom and the State of California. In San Fransisco, Walgreens and Target have either closed stores or limited operating hours to daylight. Do not tell them that crime is down. Crime has forced them to make a decision that harms their bottom line and employment in their neighborhood.

Three murder charges were dismissed in LA County when the Prosecutor, who is pregnant, did not show for trial, and no substitute attorney was scheduled. Don’t tell the families of the victims that crime is down in California.

Joe Biden was asked this week to comment on Repiblicans’ view of Biden and how he is acquiescing to the Far Left idea of defunding the police. His response to the CNN question was whispered, “they are lying.” Well, there you have it, but wait.

According to the website, AZCENTRAL:

We should begin with Joe Biden who said he would redirect budgeted police money to non-police areas. That’s right. Biden made that statement on July 8th when he replied, “Yes, absolutely” to an interviewer who asked him, “But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” But this defunding of the police, or “redirecting” as Biden spins it, contradicts a June 8th statement by his campaign claiming that Biden “does not believe that police should be defunded.”

When that contradiction and doublespeak raised eyebrows, Biden then reversed on both positions claiming he would give more money to the police to handle the “god-awful problems” they face in the line of duty. Talk about a pandering, wishy-washy politician who will say anything to get elected. Can anyone believe Biden now?

Confusing? Absolutely, but that is how you can always characterize Democrat positions because they are not based on belief but on polls.

If you stop tracking, policing, and prosecuting crime, of course, the crime numbers will go down but will anyone feel safe on the streets? Ask the mayor of Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, or Seattle. Nobody in those big cities feels safe, and why there is a record migration from these Blue states to the Red States.

Two issues are going to destroy Democrats in November of 2022. They are immigration, including the Wall and border security, and safety followed closely by the economy. All of this negativity is killing the Democrats’ chances of securing the Majority of the House and Senate. In the meantime, keep on lying. Keep downplaying the need for police while you bolster your security detail. Keep refusing to arrest and prosecute protestors and destroyers of property. This plan will ensure your early retirement for you but on the positive front, it will make room for someone who loves this country and believes in the Rule of Law.

July 23rd, 2021 Season 2 Post 39

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  1. Didn’t Biden just say he created more jobs than any President in history? That’s because he started when nobody had any jobs because of Covid, everybody was locked up. It’s the same thing. “Crime is down!” Compared to WHAT? They get away with anything because the media doesn’t hold them accountable.

  2. Exactly correct. DeBlasio and Lightfoot lying to a compliant press that won’t do anything to upset their lord and masters.
    Biggest disgrace in this countries history over the last 50 years has been the failure of American journalism. They have the latest resting for trustworthiness in the world. Hunter Biden has more credibility than them.

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