Southern France Covid Protests 7-31-2021

(VIDEOs) Massive Protests Worldwide Against Vaccine Passports – July 31, 2021

Euronews – Massive protests this Saturday (July 31, 2021) against the upcoming special virus passes that will be needed to enter restaurants, as police took up posts along Paris’ Champs-Elysees to guard against an invasion of the famed avenue by rowdy demonstrators. Some 3,000 security forces deployed around the French capital for the third Saturday of protests.

Legislators have passed (see more here) a virus bill requiring the pass in most places as of August 9, as virus infections are spiking and hospitalizations are rising. Originally it was set for August 1, but there was a delay because the enforcement capabilities were not ready – or perhaps President Macron is testing the protesters’ resolve.

Polls show a majority of the French support the pass, but some French are adamantly opposed. The pass requires vaccinations or a negative test or proof of a recent recovery from COVID-19 and mandates vaccinations for all health care workers by mid-September.

The Right Wire Report was also on the ground with an eyewitness report on the ground for the July 17, 2021, vaccine passports protests in a town of about 100,000 in the South of France – see here. Previous protests in this town were around 4,000 to 5,000 protesters. Today’s protesters’ numbers have doubled and have become more vocal. There was visible riot police on hand, though no violence was seen – however, certainly in Paris, there were. See below a brief clip on this week’s protesters.

Take a look at other vaccine passports protests videos from around the globe. Clearly, the protests are growing as governments around the world get more draconian with their vaccine mandates.

Whether or not governments will listen to these protests remains to be seen.

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  1. Are we to assume these are right-wing protests as the American media seems to pin any objection to vaccines as a right-wing conspiracy? Those protests look significant and large.

  2. You cant fool all the people all the time.
    I’m in Sydney Australia and I believe 50,000 may have attended the protest.
    The mainstream media seem to have played down the numbers as expected.
    The Govt has shut down a city of 5 million when total deaths across Australia from COVID-19 since the beginning is 960.
    550 of which occurred in aged care homes in Victoria under the socialist Govt of Premier Daniel Andrews.
    IN the age bracket of 50-59, total deaths have been 16 nationwide: 10 male and 6 female.

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