Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Insists Shootings Are Trending Downward When They Are Not

During a televised press conference in early July, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked by Newsmax reporter, William Kelly, “Last week I asked you about Chicago’s out-of-control shootings and murders. You said that crime was down. That weekend we had 70 plus shootings. Last night alone we had 30 plus shootings. Do you still believe that crime in Chicago is down?”

Visibly unsettled by the question, Lightfoot responded, “So, what I said to you last week, what the Superintendent said over and over again and what the data tells us is this: when you look at homicides and shootings from April, May, and June, we are trending downward.”

She elaborated, “What we are seeing in Chicago is a downward trend both in homicides and in shootings. What we’re seeing is a year-over-year and month-over-month decline and that is progress.”

Further, Kelly reminded the Mayor that the previous night, Lightfoot told a Channel 11 Chicago Tonight interviewer, “About 99 percent of” criticism she receives is because she’s a Black woman.

Lightfoot did not respond to Kelly’s reminder. Instead, she took it to the personal level—“I know you have political aspirations. Your political aspirations haven’t been fulfilled. You’re a failed political candidate over and over again.

Today, Breitbart reports there were 461 shootings in Chicago in July of this year. July 2020, there were 402.

That is not trending downward, Mayor Lightfoot.

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Written by Bascott O'Connor

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