US Finds Iranian ‘Kamikaze’ Drone Attacked Israeli Ship – Here Are the Pics

On Friday, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) concluded that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) produced by Iran was used to attack an Israeli-owned oil tanker last week. CENTCOM included a series of photos of UAV debris found on the tanker which were analyzed and found to match other known Iranian UAVs.

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  1. hitting a ship im ex fire control navy hitting a ship is easy? targeting it. without effective countermeasures or a screening force or air sub and surface ships. with awac ships are sitting ducks a single ship which is relying on only its own radar capabilities limited to the horizon line approx 10 miles out. is against air missile or drone strikes almost defenseless by the time countermeasures activate if your only hopeis their computer generated guided by fc radars. gun or missile defense . like ciwis but that to has limitations why the screen is so important . missiles planes are to fast ten miles is nothing at mach 2. and a small drone may not be picked up till much closer,. only thing is the lack of sufficient explosives to do serious damage . but like when the uscg howard was hit by libyan fighters ten miles missiles at mach two you have seconds to react. and they wont miss a ship? there designed to hit fighter jets ? a ship? is a sitting duck to modern munitions.

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