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What Political Strategy Should Conservatives be Preparing for in the 2022 Midterms?

It is not too early to be thinking about the 2022 midterm elections. What will be the narratives conservatives will campaign on? Where should we expend our efforts to win in the political public square?

Certainly, Donald Trump is thinking the same thing right now. Trump has been huddling with “cabinet members” at his New Jersey golf resort and is planning to “move forward in a real way,” former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said. ​

“W​e met with several of our cabinet members tonight, we actually had a follow-up meeting with some of our cabinet members, and as we were looking at that, we were looking at what does come next​,” Meadows said Friday night on Newsmax’s “Cortes & Pellegrino” show. See here below

Trump has also been busy endorsing local candidates to build a coalition. A recent Trump win, Mike Carey, a coal lobbyist endorsed by former President Donald Trump, won a crowded primary contest on Tuesday for the Republican nomination to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio’s 15th district. Donald Trump and his Save America PAC have raised a war chest of $ 102 million to date, proving his intent and strength to influence the 2022 and 2024 election cycles. There is no doubt Trump will play the role of King Maker at the very least.

This author thought we could put on our political strategist hats and see if we can come up with some ideas for conservatives considering the current political environment.

First, it would be useful to understand what the Democratic political strategy would be. As we know, typically, the party that has control of the presidency tends to lose seats in Congress in the midterm elections. So the Democrats’ overall goal will be to not lose their current majorities in the House and Senate. Here would be some key tactics to achieve this strategy.

  • Maintain the fear level of Covid to continue state control and enable mail-in ballots for the 2022 elections.
  • Stop at all costs any efforts to ensure election integrity by their opposition – stop the audits.
  • Raise profiles of any Republicans that oppose the Trump wing of the Republican party – seeking to divide the conservative wing.
  • Keep economic stimulus going with endless government packages (using Covid as a rationale) and maintaining Fed low rates to ensure that the economy does not become an issue in 2022.
  • Continue the push for CRT and try to label your opponents as racist.
  • Continue to push division and demonization of the Republican voters by labeling them as anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.

For the Republicans, the strategy obviously would be the inverse of the Democrats’. By taking back the House and/or the Senate, Republicans then can block the Biden agenda until he can be voted out and replaced in the 2024 presidential elections. Here would be some key tactics to achieve this strategy.

  • The talk of a 3rd-party for the 2022 midterms elections is most likely too late, and hence the focus would be to reform the Republican party for conservatives – 2024  may be an open topic depending on the results of the 2022 midterm elections.
  • Continue the election audits to drive toward improved election integrity laws.
  • Work toward vetting and electing “dedicated” conservatives in Republican primaries – Trump has already been active in this activity – see here. In typical primary elections, voter turnout for midterms is less than 20%, and it is around 50% for the general midterms. This needs to change.
  • As always, it is “the economy stupid.” Inevitably the Biden economic policies have and will put America at risk. One would have to be living in a cave to not see the shockingly high inflation statistics and anemic growth relative to the stimulus applied. Highlighting these Biden economic failures and proposing alternatives may be key in winning the economic debate.
  • Continue the battle at the local level in schoolboards over CRT opposition – see here an example. This issue is gaining traction.
  • Boldly Engage locally. Hold Town Hall Meetings and effectively communicate and undo the indoctrination on issues like; Income Inequality, Education as a civil rights issue. Capitalism v Socialism. identity politics, racism and division, and basic Civics. Conservatives must go into the inner -cities, universities, entertainment venues and make the case for effective policies concisely and by being relatable.
  • Some have advocated for massive conservative protests. Normally this is not a bad strategy, but after the events of January 6, it may be counter-productive – they may get infiltrated and extend the oppositional narrative. Resources and activities may be more useful in other areas, except in local areas where they can have local effects.
  • Build alternative media and social media to drive conservative organization and key messaging. Consider joining the Right Wire Report Strike Force team (receive our newsletter of specific actions conservatives can do) and be a member of the Right Wire Report (register here) and other good conservative media participants.

Messaging is key in any political endeavor. The key message should be simple, positive, and exude the aspiration of your political movement. One typically needs one to three themes, sometimes called “campaign slogans” that voters can rally around. Here is a set of three key suggested conservative messaging initiatives for 2022.

  • America First – a policy stance that generally emphasizes national patriotism and a non-interventionist foreign policy. This extends to economic reciprocal trade agreements and lawfully immigration policies, thereby boosting local growth and employment.
  • American Unity – The “culture war” accelerated  under the Obama administration and has been one of the key tools of the Left, that has driven massive social conflict that has divided America. America must reunite and rebuild social cohesiveness amongst all people. Renewed efforts that include stronger free speech initiatives (opposition to section 230) and opposition to CRT and the Marxist BLM organization would be paramount.
  • Sound Money – the idea of moving to a more fixed monetary system under a potential new Fed directive. Trump has briefly spoken of this before – see here. Sound Money policies would begin to force governments to live within budgets reducing deficit spending, making government smaller, and thereby reducing wealth inequality to help the poor and minorities.

Politics can be fickle – strategies and tactics will change as needed. Hence, one always will need to stay nimble with the times. Here are some threats and risks that may change the narrative prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

  • The pandemic continues to dominate our quality of life and increases as a threat as more mutant variants or vaccine-specific issues, or both, change the narrative with new Biden lockdowns and other tyrannical initiatives. This will fuel the present highly political societal climate.
  • A geopolitical event that could start an overseas regional war. Or a natural disaster or manmade of major proportions (electric grid failure or supervolcano).
  • A continued economic downturn that prompts a sudden extreme crisis driving even more social dis-cohesion and hardship.

One clear theme emerges – Donald Trump, if he runs, is running on his America First theme. Already many candidates are lining up behind it. Now it is your turn to play political strategist. Give us your thoughts in the comment section below. Perhaps Trump’s team can glean some ideas from this article and your comments … 😉

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  1. I still advocate for peaceful but large gatherings to redress the government – it seems to be having an effect in France and elsewhere in terms of pressuring the government to do the right thing.
    Call me a pessimist, but as long as the GOP elite run the party no amount of strategy will be effective. I have always maintained that the only way to break through the deep swamp uni party grasp and their media propagandists is from the outside, not the inside. If I was the DON I would take all the strategic points above and garb a few sitting members in congress to walk with me and announce a third party on the 2022 ticket. It can still be done this late. 15 – 25 elected congress/senate announce they are leaving the GOP and are now independents or the name of new party * Save America American First controlled who merge with existing parties who have access to ballots across the state – like Libertarian, Constitutional Party, etc. Then you take it straight to the people. Trump has raised the cash to be effective at this move. Otherwise….watch how much the left oligarch billionaires’ dark money fund Mitch’s chamber of commerce 18 in the Senate and the 46 in the House to align with Biden/ Pelosi and effectively crush any primary challenges to RINOs. How many times must we sit back and watch it all play out again and get played? The GOP is the DNC as far as party apparatus and power base. 3rd party is the only way forward I see to be effective at saving the republic and providing any real integrity into the political system.

    • Bold and brave move and it would be a brilliant masterstroke on the political paradigm power chess board….but at what risk?
      I admit this approach is increasingly compelling to me.
      Now I need to rethink my earlier comment to this article!
      Let’s keep thinking dynamically.

  2. I think the Republicans should have an election platform of strong positive positions.
    1. Immigration. Reinstitute President Trumps immigration policies, and complete the border wall.
    2. Institute a plan to greatly increase school choice. By having the education money follow the student. Attempt to weaken the teacher unions.
    3. Attempt to minimize, and eliminate green new deal policies passed by the Democrats thru reconciliation.
    4. Reinstitute tax cuts, and add additional cuts.
    5. Implement an across the board 10% cut to all government departments, except the DOD.
    6. Hold China accountable for the Corona virus, and demand reparations for the damage their complicity caused. If they refuse seize assets in the US, and cancel any debt we owe them.
    7. Stop payments to WHO, and greatly reduce our contributions to the UN.
    8. Greatly reduce amount of Money spent on foreign aid, and only provide aid to those countries who are friendly to the US.
    9. Create a cyber security command in the DOD, and utilize their capabilities in retaliation against those who attack the US.
    10. Strengthen the electric grid to withstand potential EMP attacks.

    That’s a start, but only the beginning of what is needed to solidify our position in the world.

  3. Regardless of the Republican platform, the Republican running on that platform are lying. They will say the words, put them on their websites and ask you to donate money and vote for them.

    Count Me Out! I refuse to vote for any national office. I will vote for state offices only. I want my state officials to push back against the feds. We either return to federalism or secession.

  4. Show Joe Biden “speeches.” Kamala Harris’ laughter at questions she can’t answer. Any of Butteglieg’s decisions.

    That’s pretty much all the Republicans need to use for strategy.

  5. I agree, keep the GOP organizational platform and reform the ideology bringing it in line with the AMERICA FIRST philosophy and remove RINOS, neocons, eGOP, centrists, Unipartisans and other traitors.
    I agree, conservatives need to be voting at primarys to get AMERICA FIRST candidates in position.
    I agree we need to keep pushing hard for election audits.
    I agree that the left will try and create a massive distraction, in fact I believe COVID is the distraction.
    I believe a failure of conservatives to take a majority in the Senate or House in 2022 will mean systemic communism will be realized in America for a sustained period.

  6. Conservatives need only choose the right words to explain how an overwhelming landslide for democrats was fair and square. This election will be a repeat of 2020 on steroids.

  7. Conservatives have but a single strategy they employ for every situation: keep their heads down and capitulate by giving Democrats whatever they demand.

  8. If I have to vote on a machine/software from dominion or it’s proxies, I don’t care what your strategy is. I won’t vote. No machines. Paper ballots. See Liz Harris for a complete list of demands.

  9. Fight like junkyard dogs. No mercy to these lying, diabolical miscreants on the left. It’s righteous anger that we experience now. Let’s all put it to good use!

  10. The Republicans should start by using some of their campaign money to acquire spine replacement surgery.

    It’s been said that when Republicans win, they’re in “office.” When Democrats win, they’re in “power.”

    Look at the Republican’s wimpy response when Schumer physically threatened two Supreme Court Justices, BY NAME, on the steps of the SCOTUS Bldg. The Reps, the few who spoke out, said Schumer should be censured. Oh boo hoo – a scolding. No, Schumer should have been in an orange jump suit within minutes.

    This is one of an endless number of examples.

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