Voters Have Committed National Suicide

Will government bring into existence George Orwell’s dystopian world described in his Novel 1984? Will the “thought police” be employees of some Superstate entity that knock on your door at 3 AM to discuss something flagged as “subversive” that you said on a social platform?  As we move forward, it appears that the tyranny people fear is not coming from an oppressive superstate but from its citizens.  John Q. Public is the epitome of Orwell’s “Big Brother,” not Joe Biden’s administration or that of any other Leftist regime.

The characters in government such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and many other Marxist democrats in congress did not suddenly appear; they were elected by American voters who agree with them.  Though they are dangerous, elected politicians like the squad along with Biden and the entirety of his administration don’t hold a candle to the hazards visited upon us by the power brokers of Big Tech and their army of brainwashed Americans who openly support and vote for ideas that are replacing our Bill of Rights with a Bill of No Rights.  In a heartbreaking reversal of history, much of our population is figuratively returning to the Old Country to genuflect at the feet of King George III and keeping his palace fireplaces lit with scraps of the U.S. Constitution. This abandonment of our freedoms is breathtaking and tantamount to national suicide. Too many of us are satisfied to forget and even despise the concept of American exceptionalism bestowed upon us by the founding fathers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other social media platforms have become a significant channel for public discourse and represent the new town square where ideas are supposed to percolate in the energy of debate. The tech giants now own the town square and deploy their algorithms to subdue any voices that depart from the democrat party narrative. Many Americans’ valid words, thoughts, and ideas are often put in the four prisons we know as banning, canceling, doxing, and silencing. And worse, many have lost their businesses, jobs, and community standing simply because they wrote a tweet or Facebook post that stated they didn’t’ want their children to suffer the harsh doctrine of CRT that teaches them they are bad because of their skin color.


There are about six hundred sanctuary districts in the U.S. run by democrats who were put in power by the American citizen voter.  Take a look at this MAP to see what the voter has done to our country.  We like to blame the media for its 24/7 lies or educational system that deceive people into believing false narratives that influence voting patterns. We want to point the finger of blame everywhere except in the mirror.  Whether it’s Sanctuary cities, CRT in the classroom, or open borders, the average, everyday American has elected politicians for decades at all levels of government who make these travesties possible. Millions of people have chosen to consume news and opinions fed to them by Google, Facebook, and Twitter that has been cleansed of anything that runs too far astray of Democrat party talking points.

We did this to us.

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  1. Yes, the only way America could ever fall was from within. American voters have been asleep at the switch for decades and the leftist Marxist Agenda has been pushed on through at every level because enough of us over the decades voted the facilitators into power. Enough excuses – How do we rehab and choose life over death?

  2. It was NOT “suicide.” We tried to save our country by electing Trump, and his first term was turning it around. Then he won his second term–and it was STOLEN. So it was NOT suicide; it was murder, committed by Communist-Leftists.

  3. It was NOT “suicide.” We tried to save our country by electing Trump, and his first term was turning it around. Then he won his second term–and it was STOLEN by a demented imbecile whose voters couldn’t even fill a high school gym. So it was NOT suicide; it was murder committed by Communist-Leftists.

    • The article did not focus solely on the 2020 election. Rather, it highlights decades of complicit and brainwashed voters putting democrats in office at ALL levels of government. The voters did that. The educational and media complexes have indoctrinated kids into mental commandos for the LEFT. Each year our universities hand out diplomas to thousands of made Marxists who become ardent supporters of CRT, open borders. Again, the 2020 election, cheating or not was NOT the single source of our current problems by any stretch of the imagination.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • cant agree with this. Did you not watch Dr. Frank’s talk at the cyber symposium? Every state is inflated with voters based on the census data, Dr. Frank’s data show it’s done at the county level and controlled at state level: Go to any random county in any state, find the percentage of the population who registered to vote and of registered voters who voted in 2020, and both of those percentages will be identical to every other county in their state. Further corroborating that, both of these ratios in the states he mentions are impossibly high. Going along with this, there have been countless small fraud schemes like with Omar, who you mentioned, harvesting ballots and paying people to vote.

        So we don’t know that the people voted for these politicians at all.

  4. As a brit I hate to see how the USA has been pulled down in the last 30 years or so Since the takeover by women in your culture men now appear not to know their minds,They have either been beaten down to exhaustion and have given in to voting as their wives want or they have become perverse.Cruelty has superceded the minds of others and your leaders are not worth even knowing.None of this is to say that brits are much better but don’t forget who actually assisted you with the laws before we left,the constitution was a wonderful thing and we assisted you in making it.To make a change and do your women in the eye you should elect women like the “honeybadgers”who would reset a lot of your values back to a time when being a man meant walking tall,not being walked over.

    • Did the women take over, or was it the emasculation of males phrases like “Toxic Masculinity” that labels competitiveness or any other attribute associated with maleness something of which men should be ashamed? The “beaten-down” men you speak of are largely victims of the same Leftist, Marxist push to imbue society with “equity” that is anything but that. And, the Left have diversified their portfolio of targets to include race, gender(s), the language, thoughts, books and even math.

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