CDC Wants to Control the Gun Violence “Pandemic” Too?

Though the CDC has not said directly, they certainly are implying that they want to control a gun violence “pandemic” too.

Dr. Walensky says “I’m not here about gun control. I’m here about preventing gun violence and gun death.” One would presume part of understanding gun violence is to understand the social issues surrounding the issue. Certainly, mental health is part of our overall health, but if we are going to treat social issues as “pandemics,” where the CDC needs to have plans to deal with it, where does this lead?

Will we need lockdowns, drugs, and even mandated passports to deal with this too? Covid has a better than a 99% rate of survival. This is a fairly small percentage. If society is unwilling to take any risks at all it may (in the CDC’s eyes) be appropriate to wade into all kinds of issues to of course “protect us.” For example:

  • Do you drink alcohol – you might kill others with your car?
  • Are you a smoker – you cost the collective money and take health services away from others?
  • Are you overweight – you cost the collective money and take health services away from others?
  • Are you a good parent – we need to protect our kids from bad parents?
  • Is there a relationship between poor social media scores and crime?
  • What about your lifestyle risks?
  • Or even your political ideology.
  • Could this even lead to a pseudo eugenics program where your DNA or the color of your skin is considered a problem?

This move will create a universal registration of gun owners, that is the goal.

Are we inching our way into the tyranny of the “nanny state?”  A lot of special interests, money, and politics are at stake. Many people may think this “slippery slope” argument is nonsense, but the way things have been going recently with government overreach, one should worry.

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  1. After leaving tens of thousands of fully automatic weapons in Afghanistan, The CDC and Government can go f**K themselves asking for our guns. We will never give them up now../.

    • I’m curious, how does this CDC think they have this kind of authority over our lives? This is the Center for Disease Control? Is this another Biden/Obama/Rice/Garrett/Soros/Gates/Pelosi – the top “brains” of our government- illustrating how they can do whatever they want to us and get away with it. Maybe something is coming that will knock all of them off their thrones. All so disturbing!

  2. I can’t take the government seriously on gun control when they leave behind fully automatic weapons, missiles, and military aircraft for terrorists to use. The CDC is an abysmal failure (mis)handling COVID, do they think they will do any better with gun violence? I will expect gun violence to go up with the CDC handling it.

  3. I agree with many who have commented about the absurdity of taking the US Government seriously about concerns of gun violence as they have armed up ” insurgent fake rebels ” across the Middle east to destabilize governments and populations , resulting in mass carnage and refugees -now the Taliban.

    But and additional layer to all of this is the vanishing republic’s constitutional functions. The politicians and Oligarch class have used the activist judiciary, executive orders, and intelligence/justice arms totally bypass or consent of the governed by REPRESENTATION. They will utilize CDC and HHS to gather intel and create gun registry– no law passed!

  4. I had a .22 rifle from age 6. God Family Country. Not raised by tv and Socialists. Kids from age 7 had their own guns, an hunted with me. At age 10 they hunted squirrels by themselves with the family do and within earshot.
    Protected by our Constitution, I carried when I felt I needed too for these 73 years. All of my neighbors in surrounding counties own firearms! Only crimes are by Democrats, most from fr outside the area, from Democrat protected Druggies and Illegals, most not with firearms.
    This person, these Socialists/Marxists and Fascists can’t manage her own lives but want to dictate to us. It is their own that are the criminals.
    Keave3 us our Country, our 2A and our Firearms alone. Try going to Church, not to be seen, but to remake your and your children’s lives and become good Citizens, or stay on your side of the tracks, away from us our Constitution, and out of our lives!

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