Secretly Recorded Call With John Sullivan, Confirms His BLM/Antifa Ties

The Right Wire Report previously wrote that media and Democrats have always known who John Sullivan is, what he advocates for. and who he is hardcore affiliated with. If the narrative of the events of Jan 6th is like a woven blanket of deceit then think of Sullivan as the dangling thread that if pulled – unravels all the lies about MAGA, Insurrection, and White Supremacy. Unstitching Sullivan from his complicit protectors will reveal the depths of planning and what real sedition looks like.

The Right Wire Report has written previously on Sullivan here and here.

This recently uncovered secretly recorded call with John Sullivan, confirms his BLM/Antifa ties in case there was any doubt.

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  1. The Deep state is deeper than we realize, we havent begun to see how deep.
    We have underestimated their resources, level if infiltration and their zeal.
    We need to stay ahead of the game.
    The time for naivety is over.

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