Op-Ed: Why Are So Many Vaccinated Getting Sick With the Delta Variant – Time to Hit Pause on Vaccines?

After selling the ” vaccines” as Superman’s answer to kryptonite – the government and vaccine companies are now forced to walk back their oversold claims.

The CDC has now admitted to the high number of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated population, even deaths. They just put out an advisory over Labor Day weekend that those vaccinated should not travel and use all precautions as they can contract, and if symptomatic can transmit the variances to others.

There is no data to support those symptomatic persons who are vaccinated do not have the capability of infecting others. The data shows vaccinated and unvaccinated, as well as, partially vaccinated, may transmit the virus and catch the virus. Asymptomatic in all groups do not spread the virus. There is the assertion that vaccinated persons may fair better in the severity of symptoms and duration as well as recovery rates- however, a closer look at data points provided by the CDC is still inconclusive.

So, Why are so many vaccinated persons contracting the variants? There is data that supports the rationale that may lie in the fact that spike proteins generated by vaccines are significantly different than those of the original Covid strain. There has been a lot of misunderstanding as to why the delta Variant has become the most prevalent strain of Covid in recent months. This article is my attempt to clear up some of that confusion.

The starting point is grasping what happens to the protein spike when a variant has developed. Consider that the ” Vaccine” produces an artificial Spike Protein that closely resembles the Spike Protein of the original Sars-Cov-2 virus.

The “Vaccine” instructs the body to produce a specific artificial protein as opposed to one naturally responding to a live attenuated virus. This protein is only addressed for the Sars-Cov-2 Spike Protein so, in a perfect world, if the original virus was still floating around, a vaccinated person would have a defense for the Sars-Cov-2,Covid-19 Virus – but presently the original pathogen is dormant and what the vaccinated person is intersecting with is one of the variants, Delta is primary at present.

Once the original Covid -19 mutates it now possesses changed proteins or a different Spike Protein. These latest proteins avoid detection and are not readily recognized by the immune system. Undetected, our systems will allow the mutation to multiply and replicate to the degree that by the time the body realizes there is an invader present, the virus has a strong foothold within the body and your immune system will fail to produce “neutralizing antibodies.” This will in turn, allow and even help a variant enter your cells and cause an exaggerated immune response in the body. This is called ADE … Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

This phenom is why many scientific and medical experts are starting to sound alarm bells and pointing to the excessive numbers of adverse reactions to the vaccines. Over 150 million in the USA have indeed been at least partially vaccinated and the majority are not reporting serious side effects.  But it is also true to say that combining all years the influenza vaccines have been on the market there has never been any number of serious reactions like we have seen just in the first 6 months of these Covid vaccinations, review VAERS info here. European equivalent to VAERS reports similar numbers if not higher. The pattern plays out that serious heart issues, lung and blood clots, and neurological debilitating symptoms are showing up in some. But Why?

One theory gaining credible steam  – ADE

ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and binds to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.  Because the “vaccine” has programed your cells to only recognize the original protein spike on Covid-19 not the variances your body has “turned a blind eye” to the new protein spike it does not recognize. It  has no instruction as to what to do about that “foreigner” floating around in the system and when it finally recognizes something is “wrong” it will turn on the “after-burners” and attack not only the variant but also the vital organs the variant may be touching or taking up residence.  In other words … your own immune system may destroy your vital organs thinking the entire organ is an invader.

So when someone wants to argue with you that the variants do not have an altered Spike Protein please refer them to this data. There is simply not enough clean (non-politicized data) to support that Americans’ civil liberties should be infringed by mandating the vaccines. But there is sufficient data to date to support that the original “vaccines” do not cover all variants( there are 13 of them last count). Remember each variant has mutations to their unique Spike Protein.

Is it not time we recognize that the” Vaccines” are not the end-all answer to the pandemic and possibly accelerating negative outcomes? After all this entire episode in American history has been one of a worldwide experiment. Transparency and all hands and ideas should be flooding the deck and we should stop doubling down on what is showing as ineffective. Presently, the data is showing the vaccines losing effectiveness as more variances are a result of ADE.

Take a moment to review pertinent data here, like survival rates, herd immunity, and young people’s stats:

Globally, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.8%. Under the age of 70, the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.97%. This is on par with many influenza seasons. Americans younger than 70 do not have to fear COVID-19 any more than influenza and we know how to protect the elderly.

It is time to take a pause and like cobwebs, clear away the political lens on Covid statistics, mask mandate and  vaccine mandates. We must demand an end to censorship of physicians and scientists who are not hawking the pitch of government lockdowns and booster shots to infinity. And above all, we must look at the adverse reaction population to determine if vaccines are driving the uptick in illness at present. It is time for American’s to start asking the right questions and demanding answers- there is no warranted data to support vaccine mandates!







The Right Wire Report adds the following article for additional Pathogen and vaccines resourced data points- herehereherehere, and here.

The Right Wire Report is not a medical forum and does not claim to direct one’s medical choices as a medical professional decree. As always, we direct all readers to consult with a physician for medical advice. Our purpose is to provide credible information for readers to perform their due diligence and conclusions.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. I read and watched much on this. The problem is, the public at large has not. They’ve been listening to the propaganda and outright lies put out by Fauchi et al. The CDC and FDA have been complicit. You have millions upon millions of people who’ve been kept in a state of fear for over a year and a half. They are CONVINCED that the Fauchi brigade has their best interests at heart and that all this continued virus mutation is because of the unvaccinated. Why? Because they’ve been TOLD that by Big Brother’s Media arm. People get to a certain point in propaganda and fear saturation where nothing you can do will sway them. Maybe we’re not there yet, but if not, we’re on the brink.

  2. I fear in my heart of hearts for all those who were coerced to take the death poison at the behest of an ideological and misinformed government. As an unvaxxed elderly I recognize in this melieu what my outcome choices are: death by the great reset or by catching a strain somehow. (So far so good). What a terrible final scene for a Boomer, Vietnam veteran, Patriot, and believer in our wonderful Constitution. These traitors better stay away from me because my eyesight is good and my hands are steady, and I have nothing to lose. I’m beyond Biblical age. However, my boy is not growing up like I did, and I’m real PO’d.

    • We all claim the title of “patriot”, yet did nothing while the Left rose up.

      The Founders NEVER said just voting was enough. In fact they said the exact opposite.

      It’s far too late now.

  3. The vaccine ‘works’. Not as you would be lead to believe. No vaccination prevents infection 100%, especially corona related virii (common cold, flu, avian flu, pig flu, Spanish flu, etc.). Corona is the most successful virus known to man. That is, it’s not deadly enough to, too quickly, kill the host before it can spread. And spread it does.

    The vax DOES prepare the body against a lethal dose of the virus. Think of the virus like a drug. If you take a Tylenol, no big deal, your body can clear it out in hours. If you take another one or two or so a few hours later, same. If you do that for 30 days, still ok. If you take all of those you took in 30 days at once, not so good, the liver will be overwhelmed.

    Dosing of any virus is the same. The more you get infected with, the quicker your body has to react to save itself. If, like the couple of Tylenol per few hours, you get the vax, the body has a chance to mount a defense before being overwhelmed by a lethal dosage. Does that mean you won’t have symptoms should you come into contact with a live variant of the virus? No. But it likely means your body had a chance to raise the draw bridge and rain down some arrows before the walls are overwhelmed.

    Stop making your health political. Choose to get the vax.

    • Read the article dimwit. The fake vaccine is clearly dangerous and does not work and this article gives you plenty of actual facts and links to prove that the fake vaccine is clearly dangerous and does not work. Be a compliant sheep and believe everything the disasterous democRats and their fake news propaganda media tells you if you want but do US all a favor and shut up, we do not need your leftist bs.

      • Thank you for expressing your opinion on our forum.
        I feel your plea that it is important to not spread known misinformation especially during a crisis.
        However, claiming someone does not have a clue is not a rebuttal to data presented is it?

        Seems to me if the information presented in the article was strictly wrong one could easily provide citations to expose…right? Did you happen to review any of the citations attached to the article?

        I think every person should be open to all new sourced information , do their deep dive diligence and then coherently present a counter argument.

        No doubt the issues and context surrounding Covid – 19, variances, treatment, and vaccines is complex. We may not have all aspects to date in order to make definitive statements on all things related . But we do have both some conflicting and self evident data to date that changes the official narrative on many of the issues above.

        Every person has the right to choose to be vaccinated , booster et -al. The same applies to those who choose not to vaccinate. Clearly the governments of the world may inform and urge citizens with recommendations

        Bur to deny that both official entities , CDC, WHO, etc. and politicians have given false info they had to retract over an dover again and not question and seek better understanding seems to be a stance moored in glue. Perhaps there is something to the information cited in the article and maybe some you can investigate and dismiss. But having a clue means doing the research and reviewing data before commenting on it.

    • Thank you for responding on our forum.
      You posted a few statements that are clinically not accurate so lets review :
      1. An exposed viral load’s effectiveness to harm a person is totally dependent on the ability for the virus to permeate cell membranes and replicate . It should be obvious from world data prior to vaccines online that most who were exposed to a viral load did not actually have that level replicating in their bodies -we did not see bodies piled up in streets. So exposure to large viral loads do not automatically mean every person will have that level in cells replicating. Some do and have. A ” Lethal dose ” as you describe is dependent on replication once exposed and literally many factors come into play to determine replication capability.
      2.Every viral, bacterial, or any spectrum of bodily injury if massive in nature has the ability to overwhelm body systems. This is not unique to Covid.
      3. Influenza vaccines dependent on year have about a 30-40% efficacy rate max and acute hospitalizations and deaths associated with a vaccinated population. These vaccines are not mRNA.
      4. The infection rate in USA was going down before the vaccine rollout per CDC charts as herd immunity was taking hold. The infection rates have increased since vaccine roll outs. Although the data should be glaringly easy to produce showing that the vaccines are in fact giving vaccinated more of a runway as you say to fight off the virus -there is none to date that does. A review of the citations in the article points to the real issues of lack of data proving this point. Perhaps in the near future that data will emerge – I hope so, but for now it is not there.
      5, If a person has already been exposed to Covid and or variants they should have natural immunity and taking the vaccine may harm that immunity – read citations in the article.
      6. No, the more you get infected with does not mean your body has a quicker response to save itself. a healthy body when it comes into contact with any threat to homeostasis will in fact begin to react and counter react. The key to when a body does so is not the amount of the exposure but the effectiveness to spread ( replicate ). A person with a small amount of the virus whose body starts replicating will start the immune process, That process starts , expands and contracts along a sequence of events dependent on how fast replication is happening .
      7. The point of the article is what else the vaccines may be doing to our bodies and if the vaccines are increasing variants.

  4. Why no mention of the UK study release two weeks ago that showed that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ actually attacks and destroys the immune system. This, of course, will make one more susceptible to anything that the powers that be throw at you. Is it any wonder that a totalitarian government is insisting that EVERYONE get this ‘vaccine’.

  5. Mock me if you will…but I’m not convinced there’s a Delta varient. It’s a push to regain control of the population. Most folks are probably getting the flu. They suffer more badly than usual because it isn’t diagnosed or treated as the flu for sadly blatant political reasons. I know…I know…I’m evil and ignorant and a paranoid clown…q danger to society, even. Meh. OK.

  6. I, too, have been a COVID vaccine skeptic. There are too many unknowns involved with it, not to mention long-term implications. I am a healthy 48-year-old male who exercises regularly, eats right, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, etc. I guard my health carefully. I contracted COVID in July. I spent 11 days suffering (fever, aches, fatigue) and deteriorating with it. On the 11th day I was hospitalized with pneumonia and suffered from silent hypoxia (I was being starved of oxygen). I spent five days in the hospital where I received more medication than any other time in my life including blood thinners and Remdesivir and I took corticosteroids for 3 weeks (not to mention the $52,000 statement for treatment). That started 6 weeks ago and I’m not out of the woods entirely yet. More blood work and chest x-ray in my future. I don’t know the long-term toll this has taken on my body. I lost muscle mass, strength, cardio capacity, etc. Fatigue is real and has gotten much better. It’s a crap shoot for everyone – you’ll either get COVID or you get a shot. Some will do both, but may fare better after the shot. My wife and daughters are all now vaccinated. I am not clear to get the shot yet, but intend to. I used to believe there were three possibilities – don’t get the shot and live with the consequences (maybe won’t get it, after all I’m healthy and have a low-risk blood type (or so I thought)), get the shot and find out later what the consequences are, or catch the virus and possibly survive but with unknown effects to your health. This is all unfair, the virus is a virus and will do what it can to survive and replicate, and no one gets a pass. My co-worker lost her husband to it while I was in the hospital. There is no “pass” for anyone. In the end we all get to decide on the shot or not (I hope we get to keep that liberty). I wanted to share my story so maybe it will show a side to this that isn’t heard.

    • Thank you for sharing your story on this forum- it is am important one. The RWR prays you have a full recovery and your family remains well.
      I wonder if could share if you had been on any of the known therapeutics before getting infected and during the 11 days of illness before requiring hospitalization? Like Vit C , D3, Zinc, Quercetin, Z pac, Ivermectin and others?
      I have never met a person of adult age who had not been sick with influenza at least once in lifetime for 14 days duration and many get hospitalized. Yes, COVID does multi system damage and can be more diffuse and acute in some. But still has a global survival rate of 99% if under age 73.
      Some will get very ill , most do not and handle it at home.
      Again so sorry you were one of the bad cases.
      But the vaccines may, and that is the issue, they MAY be causing an explosion of variants strength and could cause serious issues for some in the short term and long term.
      Why are we not pushing additional remedies like known therapeutics too?

      • Thanks to this we engaging with questions and for the opportunity to share more of my experience. I had been taking many precautions prior to infection to include vitamin d as well as zinc supplementation. I also take natural food-based vitamin and mineral supplements as well as homemade juicing and smoothies. So, not to completely “nerd out” here but I work with a naturopathic doctor (yes, she has is a licensed doctor) who guides my nutrition.

        I believe I caught this on a trip through an airport where I had a 3 hour layover. I spent a week working at a remote office out of state. My sleep and nutrition were compromised that week due to work schedule as well as 3 hour time difference. So, other factors involved here that exposed me in my belief.

        I hope that answers your questions. Again, thank you for your interest and compassion. I hope to coney that none of us are bulletproof and we have to stay vigilant.

    • Hi Bushman, did you take anything prior to being hospitalized? It sounds like you followed government recommendation to wait until your symptoms worsened and then went to the hospital.

    • In my opinion the mRNA Covid19 jabs as presently formulated are both toxic and useless. Most who succumb will likely die of secondary pneumonia, not Covid19!

      The best ‘insurance’ is to get yourself either a Pneumovax® or Prevnar13® shot. Unlike the toxic jabs, both are totally safe, and could end up saving your life.

  7. Real vaccines such as polio, small pox, et al do prevent illness and provide immunity for life. In other words I’m able to set foot into a polio or small pox compound and I will not contract natural born polio or natural small pox as I am immune. This shot is not a vaccine because a person can still contract covid, therefor not providing immunity which thereby disqualifies it from being called a vaccine. Those of us who learned about viruses and vaccines back in the dark ages where a male was a male and a female a female based on chromosomes, anatomy and physiology understood what vaccines and viruses are. We knew viruses mutate to survive and we knew vaccines provide immunity, not this mumbo jumbo of lessening symptoms. It’s time for all of the cocktails that many doctors are using with 100% success in the early stages, and it’s time for natural immunity to take place. Protect our elderly but let everyone else loose.

  8. The government will never pause vaccines because it does not care if they make people sick or dead. The vaccines are a means to an end and it is not about health, but perhaps more people will start waking up so that we will start resisting this diabolical scheme en masse. People don’t generally care until they are personally affected.

  9. So, what basis is there for calling it the “Delta variant”? COVID tests do not distinguish nuances. We have 50 labs in the entire country capable of mapping the genome sequence, and it requires much time. I assert the volume of the variants reported has no scientific or verifiable basis. The articles are referencing articles in other general media publications without vetting the validity. Specifically, hospitals do not actually know the variant to report to the CDC; very few, if any, daily specimens are sent to a lab for detailed analysis.

    • Allegedly they do some sort of sequencing analysis of sample cases. (There is debate with whether or not they ever isolated the original virus, so that point might be doubted. I’ve heard credible arguments from both sides.) However, the vast majority of people who have been tested are given a PCR test, (I reckon you already know about the reliability of those and high amplification cycles, etc etc), or some other nonspecific test. So, at best, giving the “experts” all benefit of the doubt, they have identified several specific variants and extrapolate from the “cases” that come in. Perhaps they’re using computer models…in which case I hope they’ve got a more reliable man at the helm than Neil Ferguson.

      Some speculate that what we’re seeing is reactions to the v, ADE or, as Dr. Zelenko postulated, another lovely present from those who bestowed the first gift. But that’s speculation…albeit not unrealistic given what we’ve observed so far from The Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

  10. People don’t realise that this live virus was fortified by horseshoe bat dna,it wants to live and it has a brain
    It therefore changes when it sees a threat and your antibodies rush to defend it.The damage done is to your immune system through ADE.There has never been a vaccine in history which was harmless and most have hurt,in one way or another,the recipient as much as cured the ill.Even the mumps vaccine could render you
    less potent,sex wise.People just forget but the medics shouldn’t.Everything has to be weighed up carefully and,at the moment a group of people don’t like us.

  11. All I have to say is that I passed our local elementary school today on my way home from shopping in another county and all I saw was white unmasked kids under twelve playing soccer on the field. What’s up with that in a heavily Dem district like South Arlington, VA three miles from the White House in DC? Oh, yeah, the school was public for decades, now it’s Montessori. The soccer field once held several trailers for the overflow of immigrant kids is all gone, the unwashed masses of immigrant kids shipped off to other elementary schools in ghetto districts I guess

    We’re becoming more and more like Great Britain.

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