(Op-Ed) Post America Afghanistan – So Many Questions

The American Military has withdrawn from the occupation of Afghanistan after two decades. Here are my questions :

1. Are present-day, post-USA Invasion of Afghanistan, Taliban any better than Pre- invasion ones?

2. What happened to all the other warlords and leaders other than Ashraf Ghani like successors of General Dostum, MalickPahalwan, Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, Mullah OmarMohmmad NajibullahRafsanjaniHamid Karzai, and many more?

3. Will there be any retaliation from the Afghani people in general or the Taliban/ ISIS towards Americans and those Afghans who worked with the US Military and State Department during the war? Will there be a terror attack on US or European soil?

4. What happened to the reported 300,000 soldiers of the Afghan Army Trained by the US Military? Are there any pockets of resistance to the Taliban presently?

5. Why did the United States Pentagon, Intelligence Agencies, and State Department fail to have an effective contingency plan in advance to stop the Taliban from seizing complete control of the country before the signing of the Peace Accord? If conditions of the Accord were not met why did President Biden proceed with withdrawal?

6. Is Islamabad happy with the resurgence of the Taliban? If so is it related to the Taliban’s rejecting that the North Western Frontier and Balochistan  is under Pakistan occupation? Is India happy?

7. What will the Taliban do now? Will they eye  the above areas which till now Pakistan has been claiming?

8. In a retrospective fair assessment what were the Diplomatic, Intelligence, and Military failures of the USA and allied forces in Afghanistan?

9. Did the United States of America achieve the goals set forth by invading Afghanistan and occupying it for two decades?

10. Will there be a full accounting of all the trillions America poured into Afghanistan under the umbrella of infrastructure and nation-building?

11. Is Joe Biden lying when he claims that US involvement in the region was to prevent another possible terror attack on the homeland rather than nation-building of Afghanistan?

12. Is Afghanistan a bigger defeat for the USA and allied forces than what many consider Vietnam was?

Over the past 25 years, the USA has spent trillions of USD in political interventions, construction, training of forces, and rebuilding Afghanistan. Now, Joe Biden has started saying that the USA was not here in Afghanistan for its rebuilding, his statement looks completely adverse to what he said when he was Vice President under Obama. His policies and choices appear to be the most failed policies on Afghanistan and the result is leaving the entire South Asia region in an imbalanced state, displeasing its close partners like India, and leaving American citizens, and many Afghanis at the mercy of the Taliban.

In addition, Biden’s policy has rehabbed the Taliban, which at any point in time, can choose to nourish terrorism. Now, Biden’s policy decisions have resulted in thousands of intelligence officers, interpreters, translators, and almost 300 000 Afghan Military personals trained by the US Army whose future is unknown. It’s also a big question mark on the competency of a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Administration when He was boasting that 75,000 Taliban can not do anything effective against the American trained 300,000 strong Afghan Forces. The whole world is seeing what has happened in Afghanistan. Its current security and future have been completely Jeopardized.

Now, when the Taliban is in control of Afghanistan facilitated and supported by the USA, we are witnessing the alliances with Russia, China, and Pakistan supporting the Taliban. It appears that the USA has got only India as a friend and on whom Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can trust to monitor Taliban rule in Afghanistan for the next few years, It appears Biden is choosing the Hail Mary Policy to ensure that Afghanistan soil is not used to create more Osama bin Laden’s, Mullah Umar’s and thousands of other terrorists for which then the USA will need to deploy its Army again and, spend trillions of USD to hunt them down.

Where are the 300,000 about which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were claiming would not allow the Taliban to succeed? There are too many questions before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and they offer very fewer answers. The truth is that the people of Afghanistan are not in a position to trust anyone whether it’s the previous government which is in exile or USA and allied forces or in the worst case The Taliban. In such a situation, the only hope is that the Taliban behave itself and win the trust of people, does not repeat the 1990s so the world gets another chance to retaliate against them. They have to be merciful to the people of Afghanistan and the whole world.

But will they?

And if they will not – what will history record about Joe Biden’s presidency and choices which led to horrific outcomes?

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Written by Ratnesh Dwivedi

Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi is an Awarded Academic by Russian Communication Association.He has an Earned Ph.D. in Terrorism & Media(Coverage & Operation of BBC & CNN during 9/11 & 26/11) and 3 Honorary Doctorates and have authored and presented 43 research papers,Well Known Author of 25 Books, Writer with Russian International Affairs Council,Moscow,Global Ethics Network,Carnegie Council,Washington,DemCast,USA ,Right Wire Report and Stringers Hub,Belarus. Have seven Honors from NASA, Has been awarded as Best Sec,Intel & Def Expert by OSI Intelligence USA and also Peace Prize Winner with Center for Peace Studies,Colombo. He is Advisory Board Member with Life Boat Foundation,USA where he shares board with Noble Laureates.



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