Calculated Belligerence Harms All Of Society

While my daughter was in middle school, and then high school, and even after she graduated, I volunteered on career day to teach in classrooms about being an author and speaker. Many other parents, in other professions, also participated. I eventually gave it up because, invariably, one or two of the students in each class simply could not sit still. These were 14 and 15-year-olds.

One certainly could engage in a long sociological discussion about their behavior and what prompts it. They would be disruptive, make one-line comments, sit on their desks, make loud noises, intentionally seek to distract me, and diminish the quality of interaction in the room.

Self-selected Courses

The other students listened rather attentively. Some asked serious questions and most seemed thankful for the session. You could see the look of disdain on their faces when others sought to disrupt the class. They had witnessed such intentional disruption before.

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