General Milley is the Symptom: Lost Principles, Corruption, and Treason – Americans Are Complicit in All



If Thomas Jefferson could come to the podium and deliver a speech to all Americans today what would he say? I suspect he would deliver an all-encompassing State of the Union charging it is in disarray and decline, heavy with dotted-out lines to those who must be held accountable. But this I  do know, his oration would end in a paragraph reflecting the above quote.

Of course, if Jefferson could miraculously be conjured into the present – day, he would do so under the illusion that he would be speaking to Americans who still honored and defended the Republic he and other founders so eloquently and intelligently gave birth. Does anyone believe that remains true?

Today, Americans wake up to not only the elephant in the room but the entire zoo tripping on mushrooms, daily spread across their news platforms – and every day it does not seem to even make a ripple in their lil ‘ponds. The depth of corruption of our government officials and institutions on full parade and yet nearly anyone blinks. Is it even fair to label it corruption anymore when we the people so obviously sanction it all with our apathy?

So here we all are, again! Another glaring  “May Day, May Day” clarion call. Oh, we have lived through so many of these in the last decade it is hard to keep up but a few on the list include:

  • CIA Dir. Brennan spying on the Senate.
  • Massive expansion of domestic surveillance.
  • IRS targeting political opposition .
  • Benghazi.
  • Funding and weaponizing insurgency groups and facilitating ISIS.
  • Illegal FISA Warrants, spying on political campaigns.
  • Political coup against a presidency by the justice and intelligence agencies.
  • Political prosecutions of opponents.
  • Facilitating open borders
  • Facilitating  increased terrorist threats and abandoning Americans in warzones.

Now, one can add the curious case of Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley to the growing list.


The usual Deep State players, Journalists, and the CNN, Washington Post, and The New York Times, are reporting that authors Woodward and Costa have written a book that claims the General committed treason. No, the above actors do not label Milley’s actions as traitorous instead they paint the portrait that he is the sole courageous American patriot who saved the Republic. However, if what is reported is accurate and provable – General Milley has committed treason. ( A good review of the Deep State media collaborators can be read here.)

A few markers laid down first:

  1. Every American in legal terms is innocent until proven guilty and has the right to due process and that includes those accused of treason.
  2. There is a well-defined constitutional process to address concerns a sitting president is either not competent, or exhibiting derelict of duty and placing Americans at risk, or both. That process does not include committing treason.
  3. Woodward and Costa, the publisher, many in media circles, and many government officials were well aware of the content concerning General Milley way in advance of yesterday.
  4. Any credible evidence that indicts a person in Milley’s position as compromised and or acting with malice and intent to undermine a sitting president, collude with other governments, and politically align and collude with opposition party members against the Commander and Chief, must be acted upon resulting in immediate removed from all access within job scope to harm the United States pending full investigative review and results.
  5. The investigation into General Milley must include those aware of his actions in real-time and subsequently, but remained silent, including Democrat and Republican elected officials he was communicating his plan. A broad and transparent investigation for treasonous acts against our country must be performed on each individual identified.

What do the book’s authors claim the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley did? Tucker Carlson provides a good summary:


Reactions around the beltway have been interesting to say the least:

Senator Marci Rubio who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee wrote and sent this letter to President Joe Biden demanding that Milley is immediately dismissed.

Ironies of all ironies this is what the key witness against former President Trump in his impeachment trial, who usurped civilian authority himself, had to say:

Here is a statement from former President Donald J. Trump.

Then there is this from former DNI,Grenell:

Interesting to note as of this writing the man of the hour, Milley, is dormant and has made no denials or confirmations as of now.

If the General did not conspire treason against the country and its president, then by now, he should be wide awake that the Deep State has targeted him to be a fall guy. And might I add – not a healthy position to find one’s self. A brief reminder that Biden most recently tried to throw Milley’s woke self under the proverbial bus over the complete failure in Afghanistan. It was painfully obvious when Milley gave that absurd CRT testimony to congress ( see above link) that he was compromised and a Deep State party member.

This writer is compelled to make a gut-checking confession. The reality that a person in such a high position in our government may have committed a treasonous act no longer shocks me or shakes me to my core.

What does unmoor my bearings is the reality that I sit here today convinced nothing will come of this critical disclosure. After all, Americans have allowed FBI officials cited by Inspector General reports and FOIA releases to escape prosecution. They have watched as elected officials, intelligence agencies, and Justice officials commit perjury under oath to Congress and have no consequences while Americans in the opposition party suffer political prosecutions and convictions. They have done nothing as elected officials and agencies break the constitution and oppress our civil liberties, and the list is to infinity now.

No, I have no reason to believe this time will be any different. The Deep State will cover for the criminals and Americans will be complicit in them doing so.

Take a breath and grasp that in the country you reside today, Treason is dependent on what party or ilk you cleave to, and if it is the Left, the word now means Patriot. Milley has a better chance of receiving the Congressional Medal Of Honor than  any real investigation into his reported activity.

Just think President Jefferson…it did not even take a single shot fired. Lost principles are one thing, but the enemy was within the whole time and the antidote, we the people, fed and cared for it.

We still are.

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 RWR original article syndication source.


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  1. The man should, very simply, be tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Stripped of his pension? Certainly. Sent to Fort Leavenworth to make little rocks out of big rocks for the rest of his life? Absolutely.

    What this man did (allegedly) makes the incident for which MacArthur was relieved seem like a mild deviation. MacArthur questioned hic CinC and was (rightly) fired for it. Milley has gone far beyond that. If true, he has conspired with the Democrat Party and a foreign power to undermine the President of the United States. The UCMJ has some pretty sever penalties for that, including the ultimate penalty.

    Sadly, I believe you’re right. There is blatant, unhidden corruption paraded in front of the American people every single day at ever single level of government and it seems as long as Netflix loads and the pizza gets delivered, it really doesn’t matter. John Adams said in 1798 that our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people and was wholly inadequate for the governance of any other. The Left in this country has spent roughly two generations actively destroying both morality and religion and have seemingly created the very people Adams to whom Adams was referring.

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