CNN’s Don Lemon Urges Viewers to Shame Minorities and PhDs to Vax

CNN host Don Lemon’s recent prime time segment urged Americans to start “shaming” and shunning “stupid” unvaccinated people. He told CNN co-host Chris Cuomo that society must leave the unvaccinated “behind” as they are ultimately “harmful to the greater good.” See Don in action in this brief video clip below.

Lemon suggested that people are fine not knowing what’s in Botox injections, so why be concerned with what’s in the vaccine and “trust” the science. Lemon also implied that all of the “vaccine-hesitant” are Trump supporters and implied that previous president Trump refusing the vaccine and encouraged his supporters to follow him.

In saying “leave them behind,” Lemon appears to be encouraging in a frightening way for media to encourage making a more divided populous. Shamming is only one step away from inciting violence.

So is all this true?

First, Trump never told anyone not to get the Covid vaccine. Operation Warp Speed was, after all, President Trump’s baby and he has been pro-vaccine from the jump. Former President Donald Trump said in a recent Alabama rally that they should get vaccinated against COVID-19. Trump even took heat on the recommendation. See the video below.

A report by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh has found that the most highly educated Americans are also the most vaccine-hesitant. The researchers canvassed 5 million Americans who responded to surveys on whether they were “probably” or “definitely not planning on getting a COVID vaccine.” See here the results. People with a master’s degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest vaccine hesitancy was among those holding a Ph.D.

As of September 2021, 75% of the adult population in the United States has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. While as of late July 2021, White adults accounted for the largest share (57%) of unvaccinated adults. However, Black and Hispanic people remain less likely than their White counterparts to have received a vaccine, leaving them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads. See a detailed report here and a summary chart below.

The Unvaxed September 2021

What are the demographics of Trump supporters? According to Edison Research’s exit poll, the Republican incumbent is up with Black men and women, Latino men and women, and white women. With Black men, his vote share went up five percent from 13 percent in 2016 to 18 in 2020; with Black women, it doubled from four percent to eight percent.

These demographics for minorities still heavily favored the Democratic candidates, though, despite Trump’s gains, with 80 percent of Black men and 91 percent of Black women asked, stating they opted for Biden.

So when looking at the data, what Don Lemon is really saying is that he wants to shame minorities and Ph.D. academics. Maybe even hunt them down. Really? Lemon thinks he got one over Trump and his supporters, but in reality, he did the opposite.

For CNN and Don Lemon, facts don’t matter.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

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  1. “Leave them behind?” Behind WHERE? Don Lemon viewers are so much behind in frame of reference already they have to turn of CNN for at least 6 months to even catch up to any unvaccinated person.

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