Biden Puts Welcome Mat At Southern Border

Elections have consequences, and we’re seeing it at the border in Del Rio, Texas, with over 10,000 migrants gathering under the International Bridge awaiting entry into the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a ban on overhead flights of drones for claimed “security concerns,” but the real reason is to keep Americans from seeing the disaster that Joe Biden has engineered. In 2021, the current administration allowed a million and a half migrants into the country, most of whom will immediately receive taxpayer-funded assistance.

How did we get to this point? The answer is what it has always been – the American voter.  Americans have been voting for politicians at the local, state, and federal levels for decades who are staunch advocates for sanctuary cities and open borders.  The old saying, “we get the government we deserve,” is always correct. The problem is the collective American voter. According to the Center For Immigration Studies, there are now eleven sanctuary states and nearly 200 sanctuary counties.  How did this happen in so many places? One answer – the voter.

America had a choice for border security, Joe Biden or Donald Trump. During his first term in office, Trump created the “remain in Mexico” policy and constructed well over 450 miles of border wall to slow the flood of undocumented immigrants into the country. Trump forged agreements with Mexico to assist in stopping the tide of immigrants and forced other countries to accept the return of their citizens that crossed our borders illegally. Joe Biden scrapped all of Trump’s border security initiatives, and the picture below is the nightmare his actions have created.

The congressional midterms are looming, and America is faced with the decision to continue Joe Biden’s policy of incentivizing immigrants to swarm our border with the promise of free healthcare or electing a congress that will slow his brazen path of destruction.  If the media has its way, most Americans will never be aware of Joe Biden’s border failings.  The typical American journalist has become a magician that waves their magic wand for the democrat party and makes Joe’s errors disappear.

When I look at that incredible photo of thousands of people under that bridge and the reports of thousands more on the way, it becomes clear that the Rio Grande river that they must cross has become Biden’s Rubicon from which we might never return.

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  1. Looks like Taliban Joe is doing a Motel 6 commerical by leaving the light on at the border crossing for the illegal aliens coming into this country

  2. I agree with the writer this is on the Voter. And if one feels the election integrity issue has been in play over a decade of voting in those who advocate socialism and national suicide – then accountability is still on the voter. We are about to go into the 2022 mid-terms and still no uprising demanding voter law changes like Voter id, no ballot harvesting, secure chain of custody issues. less mail-in ballots and lessen early voting periods to cut down on fraud capability.

    It is either that voters have been frauded all these decades, or they do support these destructive policies. Time to look in the mirror and own the results.

  3. That drone ban is nothing but political—it’s voter suppression by the Biden administration by not allowing the voter to know the facts. There ya go, Stacy Abrams–why not stop that voter suppression?

    Also, what about the health and safety of the persons under the bridge? Shouldn’t Biden be held accountable for the squalor they are living in?

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