Claim: 3 Studies Published by the CDC, UK Government, and Oxford University Find the Covid-19 Vaccines do Not Work

A graduate of Yale University who also obtained a PHD at Princeton University and an MD degree from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine has published a paper in which she concludes that mandating the public to take a vaccine is a harmful and damaging act because of excellent scientific research papers which clearly demonstrate the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of Covid-19.

Nina Pierpont (MD, PhD) published a paper on September 9th analysing various studies that were published in August 2021 which prove the alleged Delta Covid-19 variant is evading the current Covid-19 injections on offer and therefore do not prevent infection or transmission of Covid-19.

The Doctor of Medicine explained in her published paper that vaccines aim to achieve two ends –

  1. Protect the vaccinated person against the illness
  2. Keep vaccinated people from carrying the infection and transmitting it to others.

However, the Doctor of Medicine writes that herd immunity will not be reached through vaccination because new research in multiple settings shows that the alleged Delta variant produces very high viral loads which are just as high in the vaccinated population compared to the unvaccinated population.

Therefore, according to Nina Pierpont (MD, PhD), vaccine mandates; such as the one now enforced in the UK for all Care Home staff, have no justification because vaccinating individuals does not stop or even slow the spread of the alleged dominant Delta Covid-19 variant.

Which leads the Doctor of Medicine to conclude that natural immunity is much more protective than vaccination because all severities of Covid-19 illness produce healthy levels of natural immunity.

Nine Pierpont (MD, PhD) cites three studies whose findings and data support her conclusions and these include a study published August 6th 2021 in the Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) ‘Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report’, another study published August 10th 2021 by Oxford University, and a final study published August 24th 2021 which was funded by the UK Department for Health and Social Care.

Click through to read the rest of the article and review the three studies.

Please note: The Right Wire Report is not a medical forum and does not claim to direct one’s medical choices as a medical professional decree. As always, we direct all readers to consult with a physician for medical advice. Our purpose is to provide credible information for readers to perform their due diligence and conclusions.

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  1. I don’t know about this. Published a paper? Where? I read her paper which is linked to the article but there’s no evidence that it’s published in a journal or at a website. Like I said, where?

    • So…The physician is not claiming she published a peer review study . She has compiled three different scientific research papers already existing from the CDC, Oxford University, and the UK Department for Health and Social Care. Her documentation of these 3 studies along with here executive summary of what each states was then released by her and published on several platforms- including the link above. Again, she is not claiming she published any study data she performed rather a summary of those already published and existing. And she included the studies you can then read that are each published prior to any summary she produced of those published items.

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