Watch HHS Nurse Whistleblower Explosive Project Veritas Covid Vaccines Interview

How many of these videos must we see before we believe what is right in front of our eyes?

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Written by Kev Spirited


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    • Is it more ethical to stay silent in the face of such evil atrocities? Would this nurse have any credibility in today’s political/cultural climate – if she had not had the video /audio to back her claims? I ponder if during the 1930s/40s in Germany if you would have responded with the same question if the technology had been available inside the elites meeting room discussing the final solution way in advance of the genocide to come? Perhaps it was unethical and illegal to get pictures out to the public re: Tuskegee project too? Eventually, One has to understand what they are up against, those inflicting this wrath of evil on our country and the world do not play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. If Project Veritas had not taken undercover video /audio in Planned Parenthood most would not even know they were selling fetal parts for cash and that barbaric practice of harvesting some organs better if delivered alive would still be prolific. Additionally the traumatic 3rd trimester late term abortion video in New Mexico which literally changed polling by 36% more against late term abortions. You must meet the enemy on the battlefield which they make their assault against you .

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