Biden’s Logic – Insincere or Logically Inconsistent?


For years, Joe Biden said he was personally pro-life but didn’t believe he should override the rights of those who disagreed.

Why doesn’t he now say, “I am personally pro-vaccine, but I don’t believe I should override the rights of those who disagree”?

Two reasons. 1. He was insincere about life. 2. He doesn’t mind being logically inconsistent.

His Vice President said she would not get the shot if Trump ordered us all to do so.

Why would he think millions of Americans would not reach the same conclusion about a politicized process when he issues such an order?

Same two reasons. 1. He’s insincere. 2. He doesn’t mind being logically inconsistent.

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Posted by Staucie Lee

What is Class?

"Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident in the
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