The Craggy Actor and Male Privilege

I was perusing The Right Wire Report and came across a photo of Daniel Craig, the British actor most known for his roles as James Bond. He’s wrinkled and sun-damaged yet still sexy enough to be 007. Here’s a short photo essay of craggy actors who have gotten leading roles in films where they were involved romantically. Is this male privilege? Where are the weather-worn actresses in romantic leading roles?

Daniel Craig    Charles Bronson    Sam Shepard  Sean Penn    Sam Elliot


This is an opinion piece and comments are welcomed.

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Written by Bascott O'Connor

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  1. Perception may be the issue here. The perception is that there are no ” craggy” or worn women actresses receiving good high profile roles in Hollywood …right? But is that true?
    While it is true to state younger women in Hollywood do share some of the high profile roles- a review over the last 5 years of the Oscars, Emmys, Tv, Cable, reveal many actresses are over 50 and not fresh as a daisy in any way.

    Some of the TOP PAID actresses: Meryl Streep 72, Cate Blanchette 52. Nicole Kidman 54. Julia Roberts 53, Melissa McCarthy 51. Helen Mirren 76, Glenn Close 74., Goldie Hawn 75, Diane Keaton 75, Diane Lane 56 , Helen Hunt 58, Jane Lynch 61, Julia Louis Dreyfus 60, Laura Linney 57, Joan Allen 64, Sigourney Weaver 71, Jessica Lange 72, Susan Sarandon 74, and many more.
    Many listed have been top TV/Cable stars or Emmy/Oscar winners recently. Both Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin are stars of Netflix popular show and both are in their 80s!

    Julianna Margulies 55, Jean Smart 70, Viola Davis 56, Laura Dern 54, Kathryn Hahn 48, and many more on Tv series. If we review last year’s winners at Emmys and Oscars: Francis McDormand, Glenn Close, Charlotte Rampling, Julianne Moore, Glenn Close, Judi Dench, Viola Davis, Olivia Coleman, Kathy Bates, Laurie Metcalf, Allison Janney, Laura Dern to name only a few.

    The list of all-female production companies continues to soar including Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Resse Witherspoon, Margot Robbie, Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, and many more to provide opportunities to female actresses.

    I suggest it is a perception issue that perpetuates the myth that older less fresh talented females are not fairly represented. I would even argue presently they have the most clout among the powerbrokers. Oh they may whine they do not but the stats of who is on the screen and paid tells the real tale.

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