After Each Gross Error, the Left Quickly Recalculates

Although it’s been available for decades, I still marvel at the basic features of spreadsheet software. If you’re creating a 12-month cash flow, and you increase one of your expenses, bingo! All of the impacted rows and columns immediately adjust. Your newly entered data automatically results in updated and accurate totals throughout the spreadsheet. If you increase or decrease an expense item, or a revenue item, once you’ve entered the change, your 12-month cash flow re-calibrates and instantly indicates the latest cash inflows and outflows on a monthly basis.

So it is with the Left in America, and throughout the world. The moment any event or development can be put to use in furthering the Left’s causes, it automatically happens. Within the U.S., this applies to anything regarding Joe Biden and everything that has transpired since he ‘won’ the election, was inaugurated, has served as POTUS.

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Posted by Jeff Davidson

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