A hospital employee’s letter of resignation from Ballad Health. This is one for the ages. – Tennessee Stands

Corrected: The previous title stated “nurse.” Ms. Jeans is a CT Technologist and employee of Ballad Health.

Click through to read the letter.

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Posted by Lady Bay

Concerned citizen.


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  1. Thank you so much for standing strong. It just takes one step to make a difference and this lady did. Please share this on your social media. This is real, it is happening across America. This is not fake news. Wake up America!

  2. The author said that Mr. Levine was the sole reason she is resigning. I’m sure Mr. Levine didn’t make his decisions unilaterally. Corporations are getting a lot of pressure from governmental authorities. This is not his idea alone. It would be good to hear his side of the story. Her letter is too emotional with too much misuse of the Bible. Why didn’t she include in her letter that she said is “going public” at least segments of Mr. Levine’s emails? She basically called him a Christian hypocrite. I’m sure plenty of hypocrisy could be discovered in her own life. The letter would be more effective if she had just stuck to the facts she quoted about the vaccine. All the other chatter made her sound a bit unstable.

    Here are a couple of bios on Alan Levine.



    • I respectfully disagree with you. This lady just put the truth out. This is what has happen in our area. She lives her life God, Family. and Country! Sorry you just did not get it. We do not have real healthcare in our area now. I drive one hour and half to get healthcare now. The hospital that this so call person controls is 10 min. from my home. SMH I am very proud of this lady!! She was spot on! Again sorry you did not get her message. Have a good day.

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