Dear Anyhooo Answers: Lil Cupcake’s Parents Happy to be Empty Nesters – Does Not Digest Well

Dear Ms. Anyhooo,

I swear I am in shock and did not know where else to turn. Ms. Anyhooo, my name is Annalee Alice, that is with two n’s and two e’s, just saying. You see, I am twenty-six years old and have made a monumental decision in my life – I just informed my parents I am moving out of the house to live in my own place. Well, you would think this news would have upset their little apple cart, but you are never going to believe this…their faces lit up with expressions of happiness!

I have always and I mean always been my mom and dad’s pride and joy, no for real, I am their world. So please explain to me why they would be humming show tunes and measuring my room to place new furniture? They are even offering profusely to help assist my transition as soon as possible. How could they want their little cupcake, that is their little term of endearment for little ole moi, gone?

Of course, through the years they quipped about me moving out and getting my own place often, all in jest certainly. So can you please tell me how I’m supposed to process their gleeful response? Are they in denial or something? What will both of them do all day once I move out?

Signed: Heart Broken in Cincinnati

Ms AnyhoooDear Heart Broken in Cincinnati,

What in the Sam Hill? Bless your heart but that dog don’t hunt. I reckon you never received the memo: You are of age at 18! Now, you tell me that you are twenty-six years old and you are now just fixin to move out! I suspect you gave your parents more excuses than Carter’s got pills. If I was your parent I must confess I would have been shouting and having a dying duck fit over your delayed maturity.

Hold your horses’ sugar and don’t get that back all riled up. You and your precious parents fell into what is called an enmeshed relationship of co-dependency. Oh yes, honey child, Ms. Anyhooo has been known to drop a fancy word, or two, from time to time so go grab you a dictionary and look em’ up. See here I am saying it is not all you to blame for the situation. Becoming all grown-up can be scary for the ones doing the growing and the ones letting go of the parental reins. Finally, both you and your parents arrived at the jumping-off point at the same time and are ready to make the big life changes.

Listen up, you get that Lil broken heart to mending and know down in your bones that you will always be their little cupcake and they will always want to support you in your big decisions. The smiling is their pride and joy in your making that leap from knee-high to a grasshopper to a responsible adult. So when you think about it that way, this is a good thing for all of ya.

Very well then push those shoulders back and I declare you should make a calendar thingy and mark every other week to stop by for  mom’s home-cooked meal, just leave all laundry at your new pad- oh I cracked myself up on that one. You bring something sweet for after dinner too. You are going to make it after all precious, and so are they!

With blessings, you little haint,

Ms. Anyhooo

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Written by Lady Bay

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  1. Dunno why ur shocked at 26 when ur parents were gleeful when you finally decided to leave … you obviously have not talked to them very much over the past few years … that should tell you something.

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