Democrats Belittle and Mock Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement With Tiki Torches

Guess what?

The Democrat Party played the race card in a pathetic Hail Mary in the Virginia Governors race. Oh wait, that is what they always do, so I guess we can scratch the opening “Guess what?”.

Let’s start again with a more descriptive opening that fleshes out the “Guess what?”.

Why do liberals support racist tactics and politicians who climb and stand upon the stacked bones of dead slaves and civil rights activists mocking their history and suffering? And why do Black Americans continue to vote for those who use them as inconsequential pawns to prop up their power?

They manipulate you at the cost of a $5.00 bamboo tiki torch purchased at a local dollar store, for goodness sakes!

Pathetic Stunt: Dems Pose As White Nationalists 'Supporting' Glenn Youngkin

Yes, those are five coordinated people holding tiki torches – a la Charlottesville- who seemingly materialized from nowhere to stand for a photo-op next to the parked GOP Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Youngkin’s campaign bus. There are just a few days left before the election. Oh, and did you hear? Polling has Youngkin surging and taking the lead of late.

It was uncanny how Terry McAuliffe’s staff in real-time was ready with the tweet that is now suspiciously deleted.

What? You are incredulous that these are authentic white supremacists, even the black man, exercising their devotion and support for Youngkin? Are thee that jaded?

Nope, thee is just still capable of rational thinking, and bravo on” them there thoughts.”  This farce was set up by the now infamous and much-maligned Lincoln Project. Hours after the stunt, they acknowledged their role and ran protection for McAuliffe, claiming the campaign had nothing to do with it. Right…

So about now, you are thinking, great! The perpetrators of the deception have been exposed – score one for the good guys. But you miss the game entirely thinking this way. Getting discovered was already baked into the cake, and this cake delivered the necessary sugar-high needed to entice minority voters and independents to the polls. Retractions and clarifications do not matter as the media ran with the story all day, effectively raising doubts in some Virginians’ minds who might have been crossing over to vote Youngkin. May I present Madam Speaker to enlighten you on the wrap-up smear tactic:



There is nothing new under the sun for the left. The list of democrat campaigns using race and false racial narratives to influence elections is longer than Santa’s Naughty and Nice List – but here are a few:

  • Virginia Democrats have been in the race-baiting game for decades. During the 2017 gubernatorial race, then-lieutenant governor Ralph Northam cast his opponent, Republican Ed Gillespie, the Republican Party, and the Virginians who supported him as bigots who supported  Trump, who they labeled as a racist reflecting the media Charlottesville “fine people” lie. In one of the vilest and divisively hateful pieces of political propaganda, this ad played on airwaves:
  • In 2000, the NAACP stepped in to attempt to smear George W. Bush with its James Byrd ad. 
  • 1998 campaign, radio ads aimed at blacks warned “When you don’t vote, you let another church explode. When you don’t vote, you allow another cross to burn. … “Vote smart. Vote Democratic for Congress and the U.S. Senate.”

Look, both the erudite white liberals crowding the suburbs, nestled comfy behind gated communities and those on the “right side” of town in the big cities who know how to rock a charcuterie board and hold the politically correct sign of the moment – represent Potemkin village people. They support what they claim to abhor – intolerance, bigotry, and racism.

But it is the Black American that continues to show lockstep fealty to the Democrat party who support their own bondage. Democrats depend on American blacks being both segregated and radicalized to have any chance at national power. That requires constant and cynical racially divisive tactics such as the stunt in Virginia by the Lincoln Project.

Stop allowing the left to disgustingly diminish the lives of those who hung from a rope, dragged behind horses and later vehicles, beaten and tortured to death…by real bigots and racism. These Americans did not sacrifice their lives for cheap stunts to score political points. And while you are at it – no longer give a pass to white liberals who blow smoke up your derriere with social justice claims and BLM yard signs. They support racial divisive tactics and lies as, for them, the ends justify the means.

And just so we are clear their end is not racial equality, better schools, less poverty, less incarceration et al. They are diluting your existence, not championing it. They’re pushing acceptance of lower expectations, targeting your bloodline with abortions, using illegals to shrink employment opportunities, flooding your inner cities with drugs over the border, and facilitating black-on-black genocide with the policies they support.

It is time to break free and claim what has been your right all along- You are an American with inalienable rights to live free. Liberty to apply all ingenuity and strengths to endeavors you choose and free of indoctrination and mental enslavement by a political party. Black Americans are not victims and have only Leftists as oppressors if they choose so. Stop wasting your vote and political will for tiki torch framed fake white supremacist stunts and the rest.

Frederick Douglass  Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. would agree with me –

Shame on them and you if you allow them to get away with it one moment longer.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Nancy Pelosi says “it’s a tactic.” Yeah, one she’s quite familiar with and one she’s likely used and endorsed. The wrap-up smear she called it.

    In the commercial attacking Ed Gillespie, the stereotypes were there—pick up truck, Confederate flag, middle-aged white driver—so it’s okay to use stereotypes in advertising?

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