Ivermectin Effectiveness Deep-Sixed: Lower infection, hospitalization, and Death Rates Would Make Vaccine Mandates Moot (Read Data)

The scientific data and physician testimonies 18 months into this pandemic overwhelmingly support that Ivermectin is an effective therapeutic against Covid. However, the CDC and other “government expert health entities” remain steadfast against physicians prescribing it – why?

Now comes the latest review of 64 studies internationally that continues to verify the credibility of Ivermectin usage to treat Covid patients:

The Gateway Pundit:

A new international report of 64 studies shows Ivermectin has an 86% success rate as prophylaxis and a 67% success rate in the early treatment of coronavirus.

The results mirror the over 290 studies on hydroxychloroquine that have been reported over the past year. The CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the FDA ridiculed the use of the drugs to treat the China Virus despite their continued effectiveness in peer-reviewed studies. At some point, they are going to have to put their pride aside and admit they were wrong and the likely cause of millions of deaths from the deadly virus. The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the CDC’s decisions that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

The new international report shows Ivermectin does extremely well as prophylaxis and in mortality results.


And Ivermectin performs better than other medications.


Read the entire study here.

Consider these additional data points and testimonies:

Dr. Pierre Kory Senate hearing testimony back in December 2020:


Consider that India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh with nearly two hundred million people, has been declared a COVID-free zone since the government promoted ivermectin treatment.

“India went against the instructions of the WHO and mandated the prophylactic usage of Ivermectin,” wrote the Institute for Coronavirus Emergence Nonprofit Intelligence (ICENI).

“They have almost completely eradicated COVID-19.” The Indian Bar Association of Mumbai has brought criminal charges against WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan for recommending against the use of Ivermectin.

Japan adds Ivermectin to treatment protocols in August 2021. Japan is a country, where 72.5% of the people are fully vaccinated.

“So on Aug 13, they approved Ivermectin. After 2 weeks the cases started to come down, and they are now down 99% from their peak. The vaccinations had some effect, in the most recent spike the death rate fell from 1.7% before the vaccine to less than 1% before Ivermectin and about half vaccinated; to 0.05% death rate with 75% vaccinated and using Ivermectin after it was introduced. The death rate now is standing at 4% or about 10 a day for all of Japan, but it can be argued that most are probably cases where people die with COVID rather than from COVID.”

Africa: Countries using Ivermectin vs. those who do not:


Indonesia- started administering Ivermectin July of 2021 and cases started to fall precipitously.

See charts here.

There is much more data on the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating Covid patients that can be reviewed here. (NCBI Published:”Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19.”)

So why is the public being lied to by the media, scientific and medical government officials about Ivermectin, and why are patients and their families having to go to court in some cases to allow those with Covid to receive the drug?

Ivermectin is a cheap and effective drug against Covid. Much cheaper than remdesivir or Monoclonal antibodies. So, cost and control appear to be primary factors to why the truth about the medicine is being censored.

Coercing and mandating the vaccines by governments would be far more difficult if infection, hospitalization, and death rates were low among populations – right?

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  1. Democrats tried to pin ALL Covid deaths on Trump back in 2020. But Trump did not have all these studies and was managing in a difficult situation. NOW, we have many studies on these drugs. Yet the Biden/Fauci administration will not even look. This is pandemic malpractice and they need to take responsibility for the deaths of Covid since they have been in office.

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