Belarus president 'effectively blackmails' Putin in migrant crisis, Russian outlet says

As scenes of Middle Eastern migrants alternately storming fences in an attempt to get into Europe and huddling frozen around campfires make headlines, the handy conclusion was that Belarus’ president, Alexander Lukashenko, wanted to wreak a little havoc to get back at the West for sanctions.   Or that he wanted to make Western leaders who have in large part not recognized him as president this time around finally face up to him.  Or that he wanted to make countries like Poland look like the evil ones, the real human rights abusers, for not allowing these migrants in.  All of these scenarios would of course be supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a sort of good cop/bad cop sketch.  Europe is destablized, the theory goes, but Putin’s fingerprints are not directly on the mess.

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Mainstream media is often "Fake News." Nevertheless, one needs to see what others are seeing and then read with discernment.

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