Cybersecurity: A Brief Checklist Handling a PC Virus Attack

Here are some tips to handle a computer (PC) virus attack.

* Call a PC guru.

* Don’t shut off your PC which could trigger the infection.

* Disconnect your online connection.

* Back up any new data, it might be your only chance. Try to clean it later.

* Use another PC to learn about the virus.

* Employ anti-virus software to scan and clean. If not treatable, delete the file.

* Brief your anti-virus software vendor, in case it’s a new virus.

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  1. Good points. My biggies:

    1) Learn to hover links and only go to sites with a reasonable reputation.
    2) Reboot and clear cache if you want to do a CC transaction … to ensure no key loggers.
    3) Backups are very important.
    4) Have a clean PC vs a dirty PC.

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