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Chart of the Day: Thanksgiving Day 2021 by the Numbers and Factoids

Thanksgiving 2021 is here. It is a time for the gathering of families and eating a family meal to renew our close relationships and be thankful for what we have. While you are enjoying the day, here is a quick look at Thanksgiving by the numbers and a few other interesting factoids.

Putting together a traditional Thanksgiving meal will cost about 14% more this year than it did in 2020. Thanksgiving inflation, according to price estimates from the American Farm Bureau, is even greater than the overall increase in the cost of food.

A 16-pound turkey will set you back about $24, almost $5 more than the average cost a year ago, according to the American Farm Bureau’s informal survey of prices at grocery stores across the country. Learn more here and see the infographic below.

Thanksgiving Day Costs 2021

Vice President gave her an explanation and understanding of inflation in America. Her mastery of the topic is quite astounding. See the following video.

Many of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving – it is one of the busiest travel periods in America. Thanksgiving travel to set to rebound to almost to pre-pandemic levels.AAA predicts more than 53.4 million people expected to travel, the highest single-year increase since 2005.

Airports and roads may seem jam-packed this year as AAA predicts 53.4 million people to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, up 13% from 2020. This brings travel volumes within 5% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019, with air travel almost completely recovering from its dramatic fall during the pandemic, up 80% over last year. As restrictions continue to lift and consumer confidence builds, AAA urges travelers to be proactive when making their travel plans this holiday season.

“This Thanksgiving, travel will look a lot different than last year,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president, AAA Travel. “Now that the borders are open and new health and safety guidelines are in place, travel is once again high on the list for Americans who are ready to reunite with their loved ones for the holiday.”

With 6.4 million more people traveling this Thanksgiving coupled with the recent opening of the U.S. borders to fully vaccinated international travelers—people should prepare for roads and airports to be noticeably more crowded. See here the 8 worst US airports for possible flight delays. Learn more here and see the summary table below.

Thanksgiving Travel 2021

According to the AAA, airline tickets, gas, rental cars, and hotels are all more expensive in 2021 than the previous year.

  • The national average of gas is $3.41 per gallon- $1 higher than last holiday season.
  •  Recent data from the Department of Labor shows rental car prices increased 42% this year.
  • According to AAA, mid-range hotel rates increased about 39%.
  • Domestic airfare this Thanksgiving and Christmas increased  with ticket prices up 55% over Christmas compared to 2020.

Since many will be traveling, one should take a look at the weather reports for the Thanksgiving day period. A storm system could cause powerful winds and minor delays for people traveling to and from some Southern Plains states and northern New England this Thanksgiving week, but nothing that is expected to be widespread or long-lasting, meteorologists said. Odds of a white (snow) Thanksgiving – see here. See below for a quick overview map of the weather forecast.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have no appetite to talk turkey about politics this Thanksgiving.  A Quinnipiac University poll released on Monday found that 66% of adults are “hoping to avoid” conversations about politics at the dinner table this year, a sentiment that includes most Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

While 21% say they are “looking forward” to ​hashing out their political views while feasting on fixings, 68% of Republicans, 66 percent of Democrats, and 69% of independents say they want to leave politics at the dining-room door. Recent polling indicates that half of Americans will inquire vaccination status of their guest as a determining factor of an invite.

For other Thanksgiving Day 2021 resources, see more here at the Farmers Almanac. Here is even more from Good Housekeeping, with a look here for recipe ideas and a portal of things to do. For the sports fans, here is a complete schedule of the most popular football games with when and where to watch them. Here is what food and drama you’ll bring to Thanksgiving, according to the zodiac. A Thanksgiving home alone? Here, here, here, and here are some ideas if you find yourself alone.

Thanksgiving is a time for the gathering of families and eating a family meal to renew our close relationships and be thankful for what we have – and be mindful of those who are in need. With all these Thanksgiving activities, consider reflecting on this.

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