Dear Anyhooo Answers: Should I Give My 5 Yr Old An Expensive Xbox For Xmas?

Dear Ms. Anyhooo,

Christmas is right around the corner and I have been working my way through my Christmas gift-giving list. Our son who is five years old wants an Xbox Series X game station for Christmas. The price tag for Santa will be a whopping $919.00.

Many of my son’s friends already have Xbox games so he now wants one too. Now, my husband flat out said no. His grandfather, my dad, says he sees no problem getting the boy one as it is what all the other kids have and do today. My father-in-law followed his son’s suit and chimed in – no. His paternal grandfather added that my son was too young to receive a gift with that kind of price tag. Finally, my mother-in-law is a firm, yes, and her thinking is it would not be fair to the boy not to have the same games the other children have – he could feel left out.
We have all agreed to let you decide if my five-year-old son gets his gift. Oh, and did I mention he is my only child? Well, he is our one and only.

Signed: Mom Ho Ho Ho, from Idaho


Ms Anyhooo

Dear Mom Ho Ho Ho, from Idaho,

Well, aren’t you just precious! Do I have this right – You are wanting little ole me to give the thumbs-up or down for you to buy your five-year-old an Xbox? Do I have a sign stuck across my back that reads ” born yesterday?” Oh, no sirree honey child I did not bring that beautiful boy into this world his ma and paw carry that load.

Now, with all that said, I do have some thoughts and am fixin to share them.
I will kindly ask are you living in high cotton? Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses? Because there is not enough scratching my head to figure out why any consideration is given towards spending that sum of cash on a small child’s toy. How much exercise does he get? Does he ride a bicycle? Play ball? I reckon spending near a thousand dollars on a swing set – jungle gym extravaganza thingy I might could see, but a video game system?

No, No, this is your rodeo, but…
Did you ever consider the pattern you would be setting up starting out so young with such a big-ticket item means one-upping every year ahead, and there are a whole bunch of years coming? Mama, you best think just how bankrupt you are willing to be. How could a little fella ever understand the meaning of hard-earned money with such early spoiling? Maybe this Christmas list is a great opportunity to start that parental conversation about money. Like How much things cost compared to other things and how many groceries to feed a family versus an Xbox. Or, How do grown-ups earn and save money, and how priorities are chosen. I say if a parent is thinking their child is ready for an Xbox then the child is ready to talk about money.

Lordy, life is not always fair is an essential lesson, and the last thing a parent wants to teach their child is to spend lots of money to fit in just so you do not feel left out.

Sugar, if your son told you he wanted to run around naked in patches of Poison Ivy because his friends did so what would you say? Ms. Anyhooo knows exactly what mama would say, ” makes no difference what your friends do you will do what I tell you to do, and not another word.” Where I’m a sitting your son’s friends’ parents might have rushed headfirst into allowing kids to get exposed to videos they ought not of. Even that kid doctors’ association says five-year-old’s are way too impressionable to sit in front of screens creating a false reality their little fingers are controlling.

Oh, I know how I go on speaking my mind, but I am not going to tell you what decision to make here. You are left with two options.
Listen up, here is option one – get you ten pieces of paper and cut them into equal sizes. Mark five with yes and five with no, then jumble the pieces up and let someone draw one.
Or as the parent, you make the call. I declare I would give him two nickels and a dime and he’ll think he’s rich. If you decide to hold off on the Xbox you can let him know your thinking on the matter. Tell him that in a few years he will be ready for such a gift and it will be all the sweeter when the time is right.

After all, Christmas is about so much more than Xbox or the neighbor kids, and all about celebrating Baby Jesus and raising that boy up right…ain’t that right mama? Wink.

Merry Christmas, you little haint,

Ms. Anyhooo


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  1. NO, that will make a lazy, worthless democrat. Keep him safe , clothes on his back & feed him, everything else make him earn it. He will grow up to be a useful part of society & not a burden like a democrat.

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