White Supremacists Rally in DC, Real or a Fake Government Psyop?

Remember back in 2020, when the mainstream media sang in unison that white supremacists would remain the most “persistent and lethal threat” in America through 2021, according to Department of Homeland Security draft documents?

They claimed that a recent draft report predicted an “elevated threat environment at least through” early the next year, concluding that some US-based violent extremists have capitalized on increased social and political tensions in 2020. The report, to many astute political watchers, was a head-scratcher.

Then recently, we heard of a report of a group of alleged white supremacists stormed through downtown Washington, DC, bearing American flags and mildly menacing plastic shields while marching to the beat of a snare drum down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The rally by more than 100 members of the “Patriot Front” group, held just blocks from the White House, sparked fear among many bystanders and immediately attracted the attention of law enforcement, who shadowed the group to forestall any conflict. See a couple of brief videos below.

The march ended in a logistical anti-climax at the end of the night. No arrests were made when the demonstration wound down, and DC police Lt. Jason Bagshaw that the police, some in riot gear, were on the scene simply “waiting for people to leave.”

Police most likely were worried about potential violence from onlookers. Watch below in a couple of videos where DC police direct traffic around several fleeing U-Haul’s. How could the police let windowless U-Haul’s that can load 30 deep and totally-not-legal, drive away? When looking at the precision organization and quality of the infrastructure of the rally, it appears very well funded – but by whom?

Since the police were on the scene and with all the presumable government surveillance going on, with the most “persistent and lethal threat” to America, why not ask for a security fee to hold the rally in the first place, as we have seen in many other cases? Notice as well, in the feature photo of this article. The rally had a well-organized bicycle police escort as they marched.

Red State reported that Patriot Front has a new Wikipedia page that appears only to be five hours old or at least was updated a few hours before anyone noticed (note the timestamps).

Just who are the Patriot Front? According to the Patriot Front Wikipedia entry, the Patriot Front had 42 chapters and was arguably the leading white supremacist group in the country. Just how big is the Patriot Front? A 2019 report by ProPublica estimated the group had about 300 members. Here is the most interesting part of this Wikipedia entry.

The Anti-Defamation League estimated the group generated 80% of the racist, antisemitic, and other hateful propaganda messages tracked by the ADL in the US during 2020. The ADL found that the volume of messages in 2020 was more than twice the level of 2019.

Patriot Front was once known as Vanguard America but changed its name after a man affiliated with the group murdered a woman at the notorious Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Members with military experience often train each other in basic tactics ranging from a protest gear list (Marine Corps-issued combat boots and decontaminate wipes) to hand-to-hand combat. White nationalists like Richard Spencer have hired the group for their own security.

Looking at the Patriot Front website (not linked here, find it yourself), is a very slick and technically well-put-together art piece. It has all the mix of American patriotism and white supremacy talking points that distort Americana. No doubt that some of these 300 Patriot Front members are willing stooges.

Is it not rather amazing that the Patriot Front leader, Thomas Rousseau, at a mere 22-years old, in four short years, being the leader of the most “persistent and lethal threat” to America, could have amassed such an empire at such a young age? This report has led some to believe that the whole incident was fake or staged, by someone.

Real white supremacists or a government psyop?

Remember what we are being told. It is only 300 people nationwide and represents a growing 80% of all hate that is the most “persistent and lethal threat” to America. Are the media, think tanks, rouge government law enforcement, and paid agitators on the ground pushing a narrative to divide America for even a more nefarious plot?

Who will go down this rabbit hole, as America sleeps to what is happening to its country?

Rabbit Hole


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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Any Leftist attempt to smear real American Patriots will fail;.. And the FBI instigating these feeble attempts need to RESIGN or be Publicly Hanged for their crimes. The Left B I can no longer be tolerated attacking all Conservatives in America…There is NO ROOM for Partisan Law enforcement or any other gun toting idiots.

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