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Chart of the Day: Americans Taking to the Road on a RV Rampage

We reported earlier that the – Rich Are Fleeing. But it is not just the rich. Us regular folk are also fleeing. This has been part of the effects of the Covid pandemic and the stress many in America are seeing in terms of trends in the cultural divides we see today.

Although there was a slump in April 2020 (due to COVID-19), the second half of 2020 saw a significant rise in the manufacture and delivery of RVs (Recreational Vehicles) nationwide. There were 40,382 RV shipments in December 2020 which is a 46.8% increase from December 2019.  See the total RV shipments monthly vs. last year’s infographic (data compiled from RVIA) below and learn more here and here.

RV Sales 2019 2021According to the RV Industry Association’s through May 2021, RV sales will continue at a record pace. See the infographic below.

RV Sales 2020 Partial 2021There are about 40 million people who go RV camping each year. There are about 11.2 Million RV owners in America – many others rent. Roughly 1/3rd of these RVers are millennials, 1/3rd are from generation x, and 1/3rd are baby boomers. These statistics show that RV camping is a steady activity that spans many generations. Here are the different types of people roaming the highways of America in RVs.

  • Happy Campers (3%) love RVs and the adventures that they bring. Primarily snowbirds, this group uses their RV as an escape for half of the year from both the weather and their household budget. They simply could not imagine their lives without an RV. Learn more here.
  • Casual Campers (39%) only use their RV for a few weekends a year in the warmer months. Casual Campers have thoroughly enjoyed the RV lifestyle and its provision of relaxation and an escape in nature for years. In contrast, a large and satisfied group in total, their low usage, and interest in other travel options make them least committed to the lifestyle. Learn more here.
  • Adventure Seekers (1%) is a small but mighty group. This group of RV owners knows the world is for exploring. As outdoor enthusiasts that thrive on numerous hobbies, you can find them anywhere there is wilderness to tame – hiking one minute and skiing the next. Learn more here.
  • Avid RVers (6%) are committed to RVing every chance they have, using their RV for approximately a season. To this group, RVs provide both an opportunity for a romantic getaway and a chance to see the best nature has to offer. Learn more here.
  • Escapists (16%) are committed to the RV lifestyle. This group of owners enjoys the freedom of exploration camping provides. Traveling as a family for two months of the year, these owners thrive in water-based activities and anywhere with natural beauty to soak in. Learn more here.
  • Full Timers (1.5%) have adopted their RV as their home, living within the RV all year and embracing the lifestyle to its fullest. Traveling year-round, these nomad owners are set to see the world and appreciate the joys and freedom this lifestyle provides them. Learn more here.
  • Family Campers (33%) are most often growing up with an RV. Family Camper owners use camping to bond with family and spark the hobby for the next generation. Limited by their full-time employment, summer tends to provide brief periods of escape for these eager young owners.  Learn more here.

Want to dream a little? Take a look below at some of the world’s most luxury motor homes in the industry. If the luxury motorhomes are too expensive, consider renovation – see here.

Too rich for your taste? Take a look at the video below for some cool camping vans. Here, here and here are some resources to get an idea of what you can buy new and used RVs if you are thinking this is the life for you. Here and here are national campground registry resources.

One issue that many RVers are having since the boom in RVers is getting suitable campground settings to park their RV. Then the shortage of RV repair technicians. Perhaps some business ideas for those looking to get into a niche business. Check out the following video that discusses this issue. More here and here on – Why I Quite the Van Life.

Regardless of some of the downsides of RV life, the trend is growing. People are on the move. Covid fear, looking for financial relief, escaping the cities, and/or folks merely seeking adventure – RV life looks to continue upward for the time being. Is RV living ahead in your life? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. This country is changing rapidly in dramatic ways. Acute behavioral modification is happening to the citizenry and the long term impacts will be horrendous I fear. Great info in this article.

  2. “Rampage:a course of violent, riotous, or reckless action or behavior”

    I hardly think this is the right word to use to describe the behavior of people wanting to buy an RV for personal reasons.
    Would you say the same thing if people who bought motorcycles? NOT!

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