Sunday Thoughts: Atheists Preach No God From Inside a 4D box, More Pseudo-Science?

Where do we go when our time stops and melts away like the clocks in Salvador Dali’s painting The Persistence of Time?  When our eyes close for the final time, do they open again in a place invisible to us when we walked among the living? Is it possible that there is something beyond our physical existence, or do we live on only in the memories of loved ones and an epitaph in stone, bearing our name?

The concept of an afterlife is an age-old point of contention between believers and non-believers. Many point to science as proof that there is nothing after death, and just as many will say, “science has never disproved the afterlife.”  It can reasonably be argued that both sides are correct but science, much to the chagrin of the non-believers, might have revealed spaces that await our arrival after death that is consistent with the well-known first law of thermodynamics – energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

Why almost everyone believes in an afterlife – even atheists | New Scientist


The Atheists preach, yes, I said to preach, that nobody has ever presented any evidence of God, a verified photograph of a ghost, or presented any evidence at all of the supernatural.  I’m neither siding with nor against this atheist proclamation, but I will present a paradigm that both believers and non-believers might find of interest, or at least a bit curious.

Are ghosts and God massless entities of light and energy that are eternal in nature?  In theory, nothing in that description is inconsistent with physics. In fact, it’s quite accurate since massless particles of light (photons) don’t experience the passage of time and are essentially eternal, with a lifespan of one billion billion years, or 10 (18th), according to Julian Heeck at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics at Heidelberg, Germany.

We live in, or rather observe, a three-dimensional world consisting of length, width, height, with time considered the fourth.  Length and width allow us to pinpoint any place on a map, and if you add height, any point in three-dimensional space.  Time is a bit different from the others in that it is not so much a locator of things but tells us when something happened.  In short, as we move through our 3d world, length, width, and height tell us exactly where something is, and the 4th dimension of time informs us when we saw it. As it turns out, science is discovering a realm of possibilities that lie beyond these four known dimensions, and the implications are profound.

What the reverent call faith, the atheists call folly, because no concrete evidence of spirits, ghosts, or God has been teased from the three dimensions + one “time” dimension we see and inhabit. The atheist conclusion is drawn without considering the multi-dimensional world of M-Theory, or string theory, that contains ten spatial dimensions and one “time” dimension. Within the framework of M-theory lies seven additional spatial dimensions that we don’t perceive. Physicists ponder the math, and these extra dimensions exist outside the three we are familiar with. The descriptions they verbalize are not that different from the omnipotent, all-knowing features of a God. Dimension supposition:

In the fifth dimension, you would be able to walk forward and backward in time, like walking back and forth in a hallway. The sixth dimension would be the equivalent of a stroll through a garden of possibilities, where each one could be contrasted and compared.  The combination of the fifth and sixth dimensions would allow you to witness every possible permutation of what can occur past, present, and future regardless of your position in space.  In the seventh, eighth, and ninth dimensions, other universes are observable, and just like in the fifth and sixth dimensions, all permutations of past, present, and future in these spaces are knowable. In the tenth dimension, we cross a threshold where everything is possible, imaginable, and known.

String theory has influenced my perceptions of reality, life, and death. I often wonder if those I’ve known who have passed are thriving on the other side of this veil described by science. I wonder too if one day I’ll walk with them. I wonder …


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  1. It hurts my heart that we have Atheists on this earth. God gives everyone the freedom to choose who you will serve. People don’t get it. I chose to live for God! I have felt the touch of the Master’s hand. No one on this earth can tell me there is no God for they will be wasting their time. I cannot speak for anyone else. This is my choice to live for a Living God.

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