Govt. Grapples With UFOs Endangering Pilots And National Security

On November 23, 2021, the Department of Defense formally created a new office to track and organize UFO/UAP sightings across the entirety of the U.S. military. The DOD stated that persistent cases of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) “raise potential national security concerns” that can no longer be ignored. Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said the new Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Council (AOIMEXEC) would coordinate all UAP-related efforts and function as the Defense Department’s central command for other federal agencies involved in UAP investigations.

Government efforts to create the AOIMEXEC were bolstered by a report issued from the Director of National Intelligence last year in 2021 that examined 144 UAP incidents that occurred between 2004 – 2021, with 143 of the 144 events remaining unexplained. Eighty of these reports involved observation with multiple sensors and 11 documented instances of pilots reporting near misses with UAPs. The report also cites 18 incidents of military pilots and personnel observing UAPs “moving at considerable speed without discernable means of propulsion.” In several cases, military aircraft systems “processed radio frequency (RF) energy associated with UAP sightings.”

We have arrived at a time where UFOs, also known as UAPs, have been confirmed by our military and the pentagon as real. Military installations and navy pilots report seeing UAPs nearly every day during routine military exercises, particularly off the east coast. These incidents are observed by highly trained military personnel and often recorded on multiple sensors and radar. The focus of this article is on a 2004 incident that was part of the DOD report. This account is a standout because it includes visual contact of three pilots in three separate fighter jets and their co-pilots while pursuing a UAP. Personnel aboard the Princeton also made visual contact with the same object. Of these individuals, four have spoken publicly and given their account of the incident: Kevin Day – 18-year radar veteran, Pilot Commander David Fravor, Pilot Alex Dietrich, and pilot Chad Underwood. These four have individually given interviews describing the event from different vantage points, so it appears as if they’re talking about different occurrences, when in fact, they are talking about the same 2004 UAP incursion that unfolded on a crystal-clear day with calm seas.

Kevin Day was an 18-year veteran radar specialist on the day he saw something he had never seen before while sitting in the Combat Information Center aboard the USS Princeton on November 10, 2004. “They slowly fell like snowflakes across my screen,” he said, recounting what he’d seen on his scope while acting as supervising radar technician 100 miles off the coast of San Diego. The “snowflakes” he described were a group of closely spaced objects at an altitude of 28,000 feet traveling very slowly at 100mph. He and his fellow radar technicians tracked them for four days. The objects would disappear and reappear in “groups of five to ten” and at times be between an altitude of 60,000 – 80,000 feet. The Command Center techs shut down all radar systems and ran diagnostics several times to determine and correct any possible malfunction. The techs discovered no errors, and the objects returned to the screen slowly traveling from north to south off the California coast.

On November 14, 2004, a training mission was scheduled involving launching many planes from land and sea. The Objects appeared again in the vicinity of the exercise, jeopardizing the mission’s safety. Kevin Day alerted Captain Smith to the situation, and he agreed the risk was too high and sent out two jets to inspect. Kevin Day picked the closest of several UAP’s he was tracking and directed Commander David Fravor and his wingman Alex Dietrich to pilot their F/A-18F Hornets to the location. Day watched on his scope as Fravor and Dietrich arrived at the area, where the object was hovering at 28,000 feet. What happened next far exceeds any known technology. Day recorded the UAP descending from 28,000 feet to 50 feet in .78 seconds, where it appeared just below Fravor and Dietrich.

The two fighter pilots reported the object darting back and forth over a 200’x 200′ area of ocean that appeared turbulent in an otherwise very calm sea. Fravor was unsure if it was the UAP or something below the ocean’s surface causing the disturbance. Fravor circled his jet down for a closer look while Dietrich remained at a higher altitude to observe. Like Fravor, she later described the UAP as wingless with no means of propulsion. Fravor attempted to gain an angle and cut off the object. The UAP rose up from the ocean’s surface and mirrored Fravor’s movements. Fravor is heard on recorded communications excitedly saying, “I’m engaged! I’m engaged!” The UAP then streaked across the front of his F-18, disappearing off to the west, and was gone in an instant. Aboard the Princeton, Kevin Day saw the UAP reappear 60 miles away in only 5 seconds. Day went out on the deck of the Princeton, looked to the area of the sky where the radar pinned the UAP and glimpsed the UAP moving slowly with the naked eye and binoculars.

David Fravor returned to the Nimitz and sent pilot Chad Underwood out in a F/A-18F equipped with high-tech infrared cameras to gather imagery of the UAP. The USS Princeton relayed the location of the UAP to Underwood, and he pointed his plane and cameras on the coordinates. The UAP began jamming certain aspects of Underwood’s radar, which is regarded as an act of war. In the video below, listen to Lieutenant Chad Underwood give a detailed description of the event.

These UAPs have been reported for thousands of years, from Roman times to the present, read more here. The shapes and performance capabilities of what witnesses report have remained consistent throughout the ages, which dispels any reasonable notion of them being our adversaries. Now, these phenomena are being recorded on state-of-the-art radar and other sensors. Many thought that greater technology would put to rest the idea of unknown objects with superior capabilities, but the opposite has happened; they have been confirmed.

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  1. I agree that the evidence is very strong. it’s nearly impossible for these things to be faked. Hundreds of military and civilian pilots have seen them, fighter jets are chasing them and recording them. this has gone on for a long time and now we are getting better technology to record them. hard to make a case that its not real.

  2. It would have to be a psyop including hundreds, if not thousands of military personnel. This particular event involves no less than 6 military pilots, with four of them making close up visual confirmation of the UAP that was corroborated by the most advanced radar the military has to offer. Additionally, David Fravor engaged the UAP, which reacted to his presence with evasive maneuvers. Military personnel on the deck of the USS Princeton visualized the UAP with binoculars after locating its position on radar. The odds of this being a conspiracy are very very low. This was an event that involved many pilots, the entirety of the command control radar aboard the Princeton. Also, David Fravor, who engaged the UAP was a Commander and leader of the squadron. What’s apparent is that they can accelerate from zero to 20,000mph instantly with no discernible means of propulsion, which would a technology far beyond anything we know of. There is nothing special about this incident, there have been many very similar to it for decades. The difference is we now have the capability of capture on new advanced radar systems, what we could not before using older tech.

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