In a Stunning Act of Victim Shaming, CNN’s Brian Stelter Blames YOU for Not Trusting CNN

Brian Stelter – a person who thinks all people who disagree with him are “extremists” – is appalled that Spotify allowed Joe Rogan to give you opinions other than Brian’s:

Brian Stelter: “Which sounds great, but not all opinions are created equal.”

News flash to Brian: in a free country – unlike in a CNN newsroom – people would like to have access to many different opinions, and then decide for themselves which are “more equal than others.”

But that is where Brian is drawing the line:

“You think about major newsrooms like CNN that have health departments and desks and operations that work hard on verifying information on COVID-19. And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan, who just wing it, who make it up as they go along. And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don’t trust real newsrooms, we have tension, a problem that’s much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, but that’s what is the heart of this right now.”

“What is the heart of the problem,” Brian, is the media’s job is to “vet” people they allow on the air.

That is why news hosts are not supposed to “make it up as they go along,” like Rachel Maddow does:

That is why The View should not have ignorant people like Whoopi Goldberg commenting on the Holocaust:

That is why CNN is not supposed to be employing disgraced and reprehensible jerks as their legal analysts – and giggle about it like ten your old girls in a school bathroom:

But all these things are happening, Brian – and the list of media malpractice is endless.  And that is why the media has become a national joke.

It is a wonder, Brian, that with all the “health departments and desks and operations that work hard on verifying information” at their disposal, the only people CNN consults on their reporting are mysterious (but “highly accurate”) anonymous sources. And the American public has “no reason” to doubt them because after all, they are never held accountable for the lies they tell. Here is a short summary from a few years ago – and it’s grown larger since.

“A problem that’s much bigger than Spotify,” Brian, is the American media has lost all credibility.  The problem is not Spotify – because contrary to what you believe, most Americans realize that Spotify is an entertainment site, not a medical office.  The problem is that you are “making it up as you go along”  and then proclaim yourself “the most trusted name in news.”  And that is why people trust Joe Rogan – or in fact, a psychic selling lucky numbers – more than they trust you, Brian.

But just as people like you blame questioning Kamala Harris’ “excellent VP performance” on “sexism and racism,” you place blame for mistrust in your “excellent journalistic standards” squarely where it belongs – “the credulous boomer rube demo” of American citizens.  And that is why, Brian, soon you will be the only person watching your show.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Tatyana Larina

Tatyana Larina comes from my favorite work of poetry.  And that's the only time you'll see me quoting Wikipedia as a source.

I came to the US in 1991, lived in Bay Area for 30 years, and I have a Computer Science degree.  I worked in software industry for several years, later switching to a career of a full time mom, and I never looked back.  I am currently a resident of Florida.

In my younger days, I wasn’t a conservative. That is not to say that I was ever a liberal – I was not anything at all. I had no idea that there were such concepts as “conservative” and “liberal”. I did not pay attention to politics at all, and the most political knowledge you would get out of me would be who the US President was, and even for that you had to catch me on the right day.

My first introduction to politics was during the second Israeli intifada in 2002. Unspeakable violence erupted in Israel. Every day dozens of people were killed. Even though I didn’t follow politics, that deeply affected me. I felt sad, frustrated, and powerless. And one night, I happened to stumble on an MSNBC program called “Alan Keyes is making sense.” He was talking passionately about Israel and the violence, and he addressed my feelings very well.  Since that evening, I turned on Alan Keyes every night, and by his commentary he was able to take away some of the frustration and anger that I had. It was like a nightly therapy session.

Feeling intrigued after watching Alan Keyes, I wondered what else MSNBC had in store. I switched through the channels, and low and behold, I found Scarborough Country. Right off, Joe Scarborough wasn’t what he is today at all. He was a solid conservative (as I now understand), making common sense conservative points. I found him interesting and engaging. Opposing liberalism had not entered my mind at that time. I still didn’t know anything about liberalism. It was just the things he said sounded very common sense and worthwhile to me. Imagine that at some point, MSNBC had a conservative host on the air. Crazy times, ha?

Exploring my new political universe, I switched through more channels, and one night I found FOX. O’Reilly Factor was on. From the very first night, I was hooked. I abandoned Scarborough. O’Reilly was not just common sense – he was aggressive, and he was a fighter. He was Scarborough on steroids. He wasn’t just talking – he was taking on what he thought to be wrong and unjust. Ever since the first time, and until untimely end of Bill’s FOX career, I don’t think I ever missed one Factor.

For forming my political views, and my ability to formulate them, I have to give special credit to three people: Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, and Greg Guttfeld.  To Charles - philosophy.  To Bill - realistic and pragmatic approach to politics.  To Greg - realization that a good joke will change more minds than a long lecture.

And for everything else, thanks to my family.

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