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Op Ed: Tear Them All Down! – A Message From Generation Z

No matter what side of the festering plutocracy one is on, there are several inerrant truths to observe and consider.

  • The minimum age to run for the U.S. House is twenty-five years old.
  • The actual average age of a Representative is fifty-seven.
  • The minimum age to run for the U.S. Senate is thirty years old.
  • The actual average age of a Senator is sixty-two.
  • Is the Capitol really the Great American Nursing Home?

Clearly not. Its geriatric occupants have certainly earned the ability to retain authority (and almost two hundred grand of taxpayer money per annum) for decades, given the glorious current state of fiscal progress and intersectional relations.

What to do, then? Surely we must hop on social media, decry and mock the “radical liberal left” or the “crazy Q MAGA crowd,” whichever your perceived enemy might be. In addition, we should also force sides and opinions out of those who do not care to give any otherwise.

This has been the answer for many up until this point, but I must say: such discord, nearly ubiquitous in recent times, promotes even more division – and for the most part, our lovely congresspeople eat it up like flies on excrement.

As long as the masses stay divided and the party’s faithful constituents (typically around three-quarters of which are voters who don’t know or care otherwise) keep pushing the right buttons, their seats are all but safe.

All caught up? Good. Now I’m going to say something a lot of you really won’t like. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (yes, her) is one of the bravest women in American history.


Think for a moment. Once a lowly bartender, she took it upon herself to pursue public service, not for benefit but because she saw something seriously wrong with the existing system.

But the dress!” some of you might screech at her provocative Met Gala number. “That dress is elitist hypocrisy!”

Some Green New Deal!” others might laugh. “Is she trying to force us all to drive electric moon buggies and drink soy shakes?”

None of that truly matters – none of it. The dress was never an attack on capitalism- she’s just subtly calling out her financially evasive coworkers (like the one from San Francisco that owns three estates, a winery, and orders four Cosmos at breakfast). Do all the members of Congress pay their fair share? I’m sure she’s more educated on that answer than yourself.

True, the Green New Deal was horribly, impeccably flawed. Could it have been reviewed, discussed, and a fair resolution reached? Of course. Instead, it quite literally got laughed out of the chamber, crossing the line past professional criticism into an outright mockery.

It’s clear that most, including many in her own party, treat her as a dumb kid full of ridiculous dreams. From experience, that’s how a lot of our elders operate – tear down and crush anything so much as a remote threat to their comfort. Radical ideas, though not nearly all are good ones, should not alarm a nation as much as chronic stagnancy.

Why do they like to hold us down where we are? Simple – they’re scared shitless of us.

My cohort (the newest one yet to vote in a major election) is the product of the post-Soviet, pre-9/11 boom. There are millions of us, and we are unique in the fact that we are the first generation to grow up with the full-fledged Internet. For lack of a better comparison, if the Web was a sentient entity, they’d be going through their early twenties right now-much like us.

As a result of these developments, our generation as a whole has received several college educations’ worth of not only tech but the real world, and we learn more each and every day. True, generations previous know how to access this insane amount of information, but I assure you everyone born after ‘95 knows their way around a computer a little bit more.

Of all the five hundred thirty-five seats in Congress, only one is held by a member of my cohort – Madison Cawthorn (yes, him). His story is one of hardship then triumph – a tragic car accident permanently paralyzing him from the waist down. He then fully immersed himself into a political career and scored an upset victory-making him the youngest congressperson since the mid-sixties.

You can deduce the trends here. It’s no wonder why term limits are never passed as a law. What my people need to do, and quickly, is make a plan to conquer.

I don’t care where you are political. A chamber full of kids would get along much better than the current occupants. I should know. I’ve got friends all over the ideological spectrum. Hell, an AP Civics class with a few older mentors to guide could get bills agreed upon and signed much faster than the petty, constipated process that has reigned for years.

First, if you are twenty-five, don’t settle for a local office. Go federal, hit them where it hurts. Strike out of nowhere. If you’re not twenty-five, not to worry. There are plenty of career senior citizens that have been wallowing in state government for decades, most of which have been running unopposed for that amount of time. They won’t be expecting you – strike out of nowhere.

Secondly, research your opponent. Remember, you’re nobody compared to them, whereas plenty of their info is public knowledge. Are there any weak spots? Flubs in the office? Personal issues you can prey upon? The possibilities are endless. Play dirty, the days of excess formalities and “my opponent XYZ” crap are over. Don’t get a big mouth on the Internet, though – save the good stuff for debates – where you can spit the venom directly into their eyes.

Third, get a team of friends (of mixed perspectives!) together and build your honest platform. This should be one of the longest parts of your process. What would make our nation a better place? By what methods? Who would you need to talk to to get it done? All these should be questions you ask yourself as you finish it, then build a website and relevant social media pages for your campaign.

Finally, get out there! This is the step where everyone from incumbents to “campaign organizers” (and if you’re one of those, then 1. you’re a patsy 2. if you’re so good at organizing, run yourself) like to remind you you’re broke. How will you manage payroll, how will you organize events, how will you raise funds? The truth is, generations previous are disgustingly obsessed with money – to the point of it taking precedence over wellbeing.

If you’re my age and you’re reading this, I know you know what I’m talking about.

With that said, make sure you register with the FEC, pay the filing fees on time (typically only a few hundred bucks), do all that legit. However, guerrilla marketing is your best friend past getting your name on the ballot. You could do some of the following:

  • Print out stickers with absurd messages and a QR code linking to your website and plaster them all over town.
  • Make ultra-low-budget campaign videos that directly relate to your platform but with a viral/entertaining tone. If you like TikTok, then it’s your time to shine. Just make sure you stand out and evade the algorithms.
  • Become a regular presence at your municipality’s weekly meeting. When the inevitable open discussion time comes, take a stand and confidently state your campaign and what you want to achieve. Be prepared. Bring a folder with your entire platform as well as a notepad and contact forms.

It doesn’t matter that Mrs. Jones came in to complain about the city fining her for her car parked in the street – now she’s your audience, and she will listen to what you have to say. If she likes it, she’ll be back next week for more info. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a city councilperson on your side.

If a hundred twentysomethings were to repeat this process, it would change America forever in the matter of a year – and odds are those undertaking such campaigns would be easily able to identify and contact each other, thereby strengthening camaraderie and mutual respect no matter the platform they run upon.

It would be the silent dividers’ worst nightmare.

My people have been too anxious, depressed, or embarrassed to break out of complacent comfort and achieve true growth. Many blindly fall into massive debt chasing a purported “American Dream” that is no longer accessible. Even more live day by day financially, socially, and emotionally, walking an ever-thinning tightrope. The incumbents love where we are now, but we shouldn’t please them any longer.

After all, at this point, it would just be returning the favor.

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  1. “A chamber full of kids would get along much better than the current occupants …” Really? All I see in the news are young kids at each other’s throats, knock-out games, and flash mobs. The ones coming out of our “several college educations’” seem to sing in unison to what their indoctrinating masters tell them.

    Aside from your age-ism and your desire to achieve a “Logan’s Run” utopia, you are right about one thing – the older generation has been too busy building the modern world to not pay attention to the upcoming generation and left a “… fall into massive debt chasing a purported “American Dream.”

    Despite the youth knowing everything (I did too when I was young), I see your post as a “cry for help.” We need to listen.

    I thank you for your post and hope you will write more. We need to re-engage with the youth and have more dialogue not less, to understand.

    Just remember, your youth won’t last forever – what will you say when you become a “geriatric occupant?”

    PS: Yes, I can code.

  2. The previous response was my thought exactly … that your youth is not eternal. Will your opinions have shifted 30 or 40 years from now? Will you have gained some experience and insight from the hard knocks of life? Your frustration is palpable and I do agree with some of the things you have said: far too many professional politicians become rooted in the swamp and cease listening. That must change. But a Congress, or a Parliament, filled with AOC’s would undoubtedly be hopelessly naive and dysfunctional.

  3. Tear Them All Down? This won’t get you far, we already watched you do this in Seattle, Portland, Baltimore etc. . AOC is your poster child? I understand your frustration, but I don’t share your praise of communist as the answer. As much as I’d like to see younger people get involved what I see in your post is not the answer and does not give me any hope for better.

  4. At the time of the signing of the declaration of independence
    Marquis de Lafayette, 18
    James Monroe, 18
    Gilbert Stuart, 20
    Aaron Burr, 20
    Alexander Hamilton, 21
    Betsy Ross, 24
    James Madison, 25
    Thomas Jefferson, 33
    John Adams, 40
    Paul Revere, 41
    George Washington, 44
    Samuel Adams, 53
    Benjamin Franklin was 70
    lets that sink in to the author and the readers

  5. First, Your voice and Point of view are a welcomed addition to the RWR community.

    Now then on to the feedback. Setting up your case that a person’s age is the sole rationale for why they are either incompetent or the only one that can be competent in the political arena is silly. It dilutes the seriousness of your message, not to mention it is a bigoted presentation that more than smacks of Age-ism. You know the saying ” You had me at Hello?” Well, the obsessive angry snark throughout the article directed at “geriatrics” – for readers manifested as”You lost me at old people are at fault for everything!”

    If you wish to address term limits and incumbents whose time has arrived under the umbrella of fresh ideas and less opportunity for corruption, then basing the debate on specific performance rather than chronological age would have been more effective.

    Let’s also get this out of the way. Generation Z is not the first and will not be the last generation who wants to make a difference and change the world for the better. Every generation shares that ideal and distinction. Additionally, being part of a generation that has never been offline… may not be something to crow about. The dependency and narcissism wrapped into the technology, and identity crutch of being GenZ’s second skin, has factually produced one of the most depressed and anxious generations since mental health case studies began. Guess what? Don’t buy the hype that middle-aged or as you like to say “the elderly” are so daft with you’re brave new world. After all, where do you think the footings or starting-off point for the internet began?

    I recognize what you have represented in the article as a raw hauntingly painful scream of your ilk. The anxiety and rage are palpable.
    I agree other generations must not ignore the soul-crushing wounded howl imploring others to allow them to be heard. I want to hear all of you.
    But, could we drop the pretense? This is less about the difference in ages and more about belief systems v. values.

    Certainly, not all older generations are correct on all things as GenZ is not either. But not all those in a generational classified group are Stepford Wives who all believe the same things either. False premises to demand change in systems is never productive or just, no matter the age demanding them. Propaganda is both an effective and powerful tool to divide, would you not agree?
    Take your premise about Ms. Cortez.

    “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (yes, her) is one of the bravest women in American history. Why? Think for a moment. Once a lowly bartender, she took it upon herself to pursue public service, not for benefit but because she saw something seriously wrong with the existing system.”

    I strongly suggest you review just a few offerings below to grasp AOC is neither brave, nor chose to serve the people out of a sense of public service, nor was her drink mixing from a financially struggling place. Factually, she is one of the most obnoxious drama queens and malignant narcissists’ on the stage presently.
    Ocasio-Cortez got picked to run in New York in a glorified casting call, organized by The Justice Democrats, she’s not an issues-oriented politician at all; she’s a personality. Like Bernie, she delivers the script given to her by those that brought her to the dance.

    There are channels devoted to capturing the absurd and false statements she makes -
    The very latest –

    Again, you’re pov on AOC is based on limited information and fed propaganda you have consumed. No, it is not just because you are young. We live in a 24/7 disinformation surreal indoctrination media-induced acid trip lol. It just means one needs to commit to deep due diligence and be open to new information and update one’s perspectives.
    I think it is stellar you have a passion for governance and encouraging your “cohorts” to engage and become part of the solution. I suggest you broaden that to all Americans of all ages who want to make a difference.

    “People don’t like reality, they don’t like common sense – until age forces it on them.”

    Enjoyed your article.

  6. Welcome Ben Babylon!
    It’s great to see a new contributor to the Right Wire Report and especially from someone among Gen Z who have been largely ignored by the corrupt status quo for too long (especially when they disagree with them).

    Your moral indignation is totally justifiable in the face of an overwhelmingly, systemically corrupt Congress and government.
    Yes, we need a massive legal and non-violent purge of Congress and govt and to “sack them all” …meaning the corrupt majority of them apart from the very few exceptions.

    I think we could be on the same team and love our country but I question whether you have directed the blame at the correct cause.
    For doctors to diagnose an illness properly they need to distinguish the causes from the symptoms.

    I question your focus on age, and I don’t see how it causes the problems you speak of among congressional members.
    Do we blame Joe Biden’s moral corruption on his age?
    No, but it certainly causes other problems such as forgetfulness, confusion and emotive outbursts.

    What about the fact that most congress members have been exposed to general corruption and Marxism during the formative years of their life?

    As bad as the RINOs are, who together with the Dems make the Uniparty plutocracy that you speak of, they are made all the more destructive in colluding with the left on an ideologically level.
    Injecting new blood into Congress with an influx of Gen Zs all depends on their quality in terms of moral calibre and ideological views.
    I dont know enough about Madison Cawthorn, he appears patriotic and I hope he can run the gauntlet of politics.

    However, I fail to see the merits of AOC who, while being only 32 now, also wore the “TAX THE RICH” dress (white with red letters not the other commie red one) and whose far-left platform includes abolishing ICE, establishing universal guaranteed employment and Medicare for all.

    In 2016 AOC worked with Bernie Sanders’ 2016 election campaign. Sanders has openly supported bread lines and his campaign staff have called to ‘guillotine the rich,’ and send Republicans to gulags.
    She lived from age 5 to her 20s in Yorktown, Westchester County, one of the most affluent areas in America and now lives in a luxury apartment in Washington DC high above the hoi polloi.
    She lives the American dream on her congressional salary while killing it for the rest of us.
    Didn’t she kill 25,000 Amazon jobs in NYC?
    I can’t see her as a hero for America but perhaps a hero for the far left.

    I hope we stop the bloody wheel of revolution and the dialectical division that powers it including the serious errors of class struggle and the subsequent divisive iterations along the lines of race, gender, age, etc.
    This only serves the powerful to divide and conquer us.

    Let’s choose the path of reform that focuses on the causes of the illness and heals the patient with minimum damage.
    Why not break the cycle of friction and division and take advantage of the experience and wisdom of older people (the good ones with integrity) combined with the energy and optimism of Gen Z?

    I hope we can find the common values among our ideologies and build links based on these.
    Let us dare to unite as one for the good of America first, whilst retaining the dignity of our individuality and personal freedoms, whatever our age.

    Relevant Links:

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