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Chart of the Day: WEF Global Risk Assessment,  Only 3.7% of Elites are Optimistic, So What are they Doing?

In the latest annual edition of the Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), it was found that a majority of global leaders feel worried or concerned about the outlook of the world. Apparently, only 3.7% of our global elites feel optimistic.

So what are our global elites worried about as potential risks? The Visual Capitalist (learn more here) provides us with a nice infographic below to summarize the risks facing the world (in the next couple of years), as identified by nearly 1,000 surveyed experts and leaders across various disciplines, organizations, and geographies.

WEF Global Risks 2022

In further summarization, it seems as if our elites seem to be most worried about 1) climate change (extreme weather and climate change failure) and 2) social dis-cohesion (livelihood crisis, social cohesion, and mental health). Covid and financial risks (debt crisis and asset bubbles) seem to be a third and fourth priority.

One wonders how much elite virtue signaling is going on, so this poses a question. What have the elite WEF respondents been working on, given the risks they see coming? See the answer to this question in the chart below.

WEF Global Risk Mitigation Efforts 2022

There seems to be a mismatch in perceived risks and risk mitigation work efforts. When looking at this list, several things stand out and tell us what the WEF elite respondents are really worried about.

  • Pandemic management (Covid) didn’t even make the list. Do they think Covid is not real?
  • Climate change seems to be featured minimally on the list – indicating most likely virtue signaling on their part – elites need to stay “woke.”
  • There are some risk mitigation work efforts going on in the financial area (new technology, trade, and stability). But it is more about stability, rather than their lot in life – which leads us to where the most significant WEF risk mitigation work efforts lie.
  • Security and preventing mass population dis-cohesion.
    • AI – to better manage and control the populations?
    • Cyberattacks and misinformation – to better maintain their narrative.
    • Migration/Refugees – human trafficking?
    • Basic resource security – to prevent resource and food riots?
    • Poverty alleviation – to keep sedate and keep dependent the populations.
    • Physical conflict – control street violence.
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction – in case street violence spills over into war.
    • International crime – so no one will rob them.

One can even summarise further this WEF Global Risks Report into one word which would indicate what our global elites are really worried about…

“Pitchforks” – coming for them.

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