While Democrats Are Still Working on Turning Texas Blue, DeSantis Quietly Turned Florida Red

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: “Texas turning blue is inevitable. Inevitable. It will happen — the only question is when, Texas?” she said, to cheers from the crowd.

Here is the answer, AOC:

  • Texas will turn blue the day a Russian athlete doesn’t fail a doping test at the Olympics.
  • Texas will turn blue the day Joe Biden executes a successful military mission.
  • Texas will turn blue the day Hilary Clinton will go to prison for spying on President Trump.
  • Texas will turn blue the day AOC wins the Nobel Prize in economics.

With California, New York, and Illinois electoral votes securely in Democrats’ pockets, Texas turning blue will ensure that the United States will never have another Republican President. Democrats know it, so next to abolishing the electoral college, winning Texas is their next best chance to make all of America just like California.

In recent years, Texas has certainly drifted left. While 20 years ago, Republican candidates were easily winning the Lone Star State by 25 points or more, in 2020 the difference was barely 6 points. With big cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas becoming increasingly liberal, Texas politics is changing – and not in a direction conservatives would like.

Texas’ long-standing policy of providing tax incentives to corporations has been a huge attraction to companies seeking sanctuary from punitive taxation by liberal states. Over the recent years, multiple large corporations abandoned the train wreck formerly known as the state of California. Facebook is the latest woke fixture that decided to put their money at a very different place from where their mouth is.

The Massive influx of large corporations, however, did not come without a downside for Texas. Generously paid high-tech employees make housing unaffordable for traditional Texans. As a result, suburbs of Austin are now adorned with “Beto for governor!” front yard signs. California liberals don’t leave their ideology at the Texas border. They bring it into schools, social gatherings, and voting booths.

But even though Democrats made great strides in turning Texas more liberal, it will be a long time before the Lone Star State switches affiliations. Even though the media still tries to create election night “drama” by pretending Texas is “in play,” the real drama is usually happening elsewhere. And it may not be happening for much longer.

The real political cliffhanger has always been Florida. It often decides the outcome of presidential elections, and both parties invest a lot of money and efforts in courting Florida voters. However, in the last three years, one man has made sure that the Sunshine State’s affections are no longer up for grabs.

Knowing how important it was to ensure Florida trended more liberal, the media actively rooted for the thoroughly incompetent but rabidly far left Andrew Gillum during the 2018 gubernatorial race. Ron DeSantis won by a squeak after President Trump endorsed and heavily campaigned for him in the state. It all went downhill from there for the Democrats in Florida.

Since day one, Governor DeSantis introduced clear and decisive conservative leadership.  As the liberal states chose the path of self-destruction, Governor DeSantis chose a completely opposite direction for his state.

Education reform:

Expanding school choice, eliminating subpar Common Core curriculum, promoting civics education that emphasizes real American history and traditional values, and rewarding qualified and competent teachers, the governor effectively ended far-left indoctrination in Florida schools.  Florida Department of Education banned false and divisive Critical Race Theory.  Florida Senate banned developmentally inappropriate discussions in Florida classrooms.  Florida Parent’s Bill of Rights ensured parents’ supreme oversight over their children’s education.  This complete overhaul severely limits the schools’ ability to indoctrinate children into pernicious ideology; it enforces educational standards; it teaches traditional values, and it helps parents raise self-sufficient and competent citizens who have the necessary skills to do well in life.

Enforcing law and order:

When the George Floyd riots of 2020 reached Florida, the Governor deployed the National Guard, sending a clear message that rioting will not be tolerated in the Sunshine State. As a result, Florida emerged from the “mostly peaceful protests” practically unscathed. The strongest in the country “anti-riot” law enforced severe penalties for people organizing and participating in riots or damaging and destroying property. When blue states unleashed relentless abuse of law enforcement, causing mass resignations and skyrocketing crime, Governor DeSantis introduced financial incentives to recruit more police officers to the state of Florida. The governor’s pro-law-enforcement stance earned him unwavering support of police officers across the state.

“No sanctuary” state:

Governor DeSantis banned “sanctuary” jurisdictions that protect illegal immigrant criminals.  When the Biden administration allowed mass inflow of illegal immigrants across the Southern Border, Florida sued.  When the Biden administration started resettling illegal immigrants into Florida under the dark of night, Governor DeSantis announced strict punishment for the companies facilitating illegal resettlement.  Governor continues to impede the Biden administration’s efforts to flood Florida with illegal immigrants who bring crime, take away Floridians’ jobs, drain state resources, and are the Democrats’ best hope to win elections.

Safe and secure elections:

After Mark Zuckerberg’s “financial investments” secured the 2020 election for Joe Biden, Florida became the first state banning the use of private money to influence elections. The Governor signed Florida’s new election integrity bill, strengthening voter identification, prohibiting the mass mailing of ballots, banning ballot harvesting, and prohibiting private money from administering elections in Florida. While the Biden administration is pushing the “freedom to cheat” election reform bill, “fixing” the election in Florida just became an uphill battle for the Democrats.

Freedom over Fauci:

From the very onset of Covid, Governor DeSantis emerged as a leader of anti-lockdown, anti-mandate, pro-freedom policies. In 2020, Florida was the first state to open schools, businesses, and drop mask mandates. Under immense pressure, the Governor did not crumble. He consulted the scientists and he implemented policies based on data – not politics. As a result, while the blue states are still being crushed by power-hungry politicians, Florida’s economy far outpaces the nations’. The tourism industry is booming, with more people trying to escape the winter weather and strangling mandates. Over the last two years, Florida has become home to people fleeing the mess liberal states have created (your author being one of those people.) And while it’s too early to say how migration shifted Florida politics, the data shows that most people who come here register as Republicans.

Despite relentless attacks and sabotage by the Biden administration and the mainstream media, Governor DeSantis continues to be immensely popular with Florida residents, making his re-election campaign a lot easier and more fun than his first one four years ago. The Democrat party realizes that it is no longer competitive in Florida. Governor DeSantis set a clear example for all Republican politicians. Strict conservative principles, clear guidance, an unapologetic stand for freedom and liberty, and unwavering strength against shameless media smears will win hearts and elections. Because of Governor DeSantis, Florida turned red – and If more Republican politicians take his lead, so will the nation.

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Written by Tatyana Larina

Tatyana Larina comes from my favorite work of poetry.  And that's the only time you'll see me quoting Wikipedia as a source.

I came to the US in 1991, lived in Bay Area for 30 years, and I have a Computer Science degree.  I worked in software industry for several years, later switching to a career of a full time mom, and I never looked back.  I am currently a resident of Florida.

In my younger days, I wasn’t a conservative. That is not to say that I was ever a liberal – I was not anything at all. I had no idea that there were such concepts as “conservative” and “liberal”. I did not pay attention to politics at all, and the most political knowledge you would get out of me would be who the US President was, and even for that you had to catch me on the right day.

My first introduction to politics was during the second Israeli intifada in 2002. Unspeakable violence erupted in Israel. Every day dozens of people were killed. Even though I didn’t follow politics, that deeply affected me. I felt sad, frustrated, and powerless. And one night, I happened to stumble on an MSNBC program called “Alan Keyes is making sense.” He was talking passionately about Israel and the violence, and he addressed my feelings very well.  Since that evening, I turned on Alan Keyes every night, and by his commentary he was able to take away some of the frustration and anger that I had. It was like a nightly therapy session.

Feeling intrigued after watching Alan Keyes, I wondered what else MSNBC had in store. I switched through the channels, and low and behold, I found Scarborough Country. Right off, Joe Scarborough wasn’t what he is today at all. He was a solid conservative (as I now understand), making common sense conservative points. I found him interesting and engaging. Opposing liberalism had not entered my mind at that time. I still didn’t know anything about liberalism. It was just the things he said sounded very common sense and worthwhile to me. Imagine that at some point, MSNBC had a conservative host on the air. Crazy times, ha?

Exploring my new political universe, I switched through more channels, and one night I found FOX. O’Reilly Factor was on. From the very first night, I was hooked. I abandoned Scarborough. O’Reilly was not just common sense – he was aggressive, and he was a fighter. He was Scarborough on steroids. He wasn’t just talking – he was taking on what he thought to be wrong and unjust. Ever since the first time, and until untimely end of Bill’s FOX career, I don’t think I ever missed one Factor.

For forming my political views, and my ability to formulate them, I have to give special credit to three people: Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, and Greg Guttfeld.  To Charles - philosophy.  To Bill - realistic and pragmatic approach to politics.  To Greg - realization that a good joke will change more minds than a long lecture.

And for everything else, thanks to my family.

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