Chart of the Day: Illegal Immigration Soars Under the Biden Administration

Soaring illegal immigration during Biden’s first year in office drives US foreign-born population to 46.6 million – the largest number EVER recorded, as the country welcomes 1.6m new people in 12 months. Learn more here.

  • Analysis of US census data by the Center for Immigration Studies found there are currently 46.6 million legal and illegal foreign-born immigrants in the nation.
  • The number is up 1.7 million from last year and 2.2 million from 2020.
  • It is the largest ever recorded in any government survey or decennial census.
  • The studies’ authors attributed the increase to policies implemented by Biden that have allowed illegal immigrants to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in droves.
  • The study further warns that the number is set to rise in the coming years if things do not change.

Hispanic immigrants accounted for roughly 70 percent – or 1.1 million – of the increase, suggesting that a large share of the sudden growth was spurred by illegal immigration, with the federal government and experts previously estimating that roughly 75 percent of illegal immigrants are of Hispanic descent.

Foreign Born Population 2022

US’ foreign-born population now accounts for more than 14.2 percent of people in the country – the highest it’s been in 112 years. See the last decade’s trend below.

Immigrant Population 2010 to 2022

The chart below shows border crossings each month over the last few years. The newly-released January 2022 figures have yet to be added to the chart and line graph. What we can see is that in 2021 border encounters have soared and for 2022 the rate has increased even more.

Border Encounter 2019 to 2022

Immigration itself is not necessarily a bad thing as long it is legal and limited to ensure the sending and receiving countries are not destabilized. But under the Biden administration, this does not seem to be the case – Biden is promoting a virtually open border policy.

America under Biden is undergoing the biggest mass human migration experiment in its recent history. No doubt that this experiment will have untold results for society and the economy.

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