Joe Biden Shamelessly Employs Religion as a Propaganda Tool to Push Pernicious Trans Agenda on Americans

Last week, President Biden took time out of his busy schedule of napping between “briefs” to highlight a serious problem that’s plaguing our country: the lack of transgender visibility.

White House celebrating “Transgender day of visibility” is like CNN observing 24-hour hiatus from covering Hunter Biden’s laptop. If you think transgender people have not been “visible” lately, hereherehere, and here is what you missed. Considering that well under 1% of the American population constantly demands the national spotlight, the only way you would think transgender people suffer from “lack of visibility” is if you are living in denial of reality – as Joe Biden does.

Enter Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine.  One would ask why the assistant secretary is constantly making national headlines while the actual Secretary of Health needs his own “National Day of Visibility?” Well, that’s probably because Rachel Levine is a totally impartial and highly qualified “medical expert” on youth health:

“The White House flagged a resource from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health on ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ intended to ‘inform parents and guardians, educators, and other persons supporting children and adolescents with information on what is gender-affirming care and why it is important to transgender, nonbinary, and other gender expansive young people’s well-being.”

Note to parents and guardians, and other people responsible for children’s health and wellbeing: taking Rachel Levine’s advice on “gender-affirming care” is like hiring Hershey’s to take care of your kids’ teeth.

From DailyWire:

“Gender-affirming care is a phrase used by transgender activists and media to mask the more grisly sounding transgender top and bottom surgeries, including removing a biological women’s breasts, removing a biological man’s genitals, sculpting a fake penis on a biological woman, facial feminization or facial masculinization, and more.”

For those who don’t have a degree in biology (and that includes future Justice Brown Jackson): body mutilation is the kind of “care” that the President of the United States authorizes, and in fact, recommends for your children.  All of you still supporting Biden, stand in front of a mirror, and slowly repeat after me: “Joe Biden is not a radical.  He is very, very moderate.”

And for the rest of us, rational humans: “trans kids” is not a thing. Gender dysphoria is a rare disorder that affects some kids and does not signify the need for “gender-affirming care.” Some children experience it before they reach puberty, and if left alone an overwhelming majority (well over 80% and some studies suggest up to 98%) grow out of it by the time they are young adults, with no ill effects:

“Evidence from the 10 available prospective follow-up studies from childhood to adolescence (reviewed in the study by Ristori and Steensma) indicates that for ~80% of children who meet the criteria for GDC, the GD recedes with puberty.”

“Affirming” any kind of gender confusion in young children and teens is as beneficial, and as safe, as giving your child a loaded gun to shoot at monsters they believe are hiding under their beds. “Gender-affirming care” – psychological or physical – amounts to nothing short of child abuse. According to numerous studies (like this one and this one):

“Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.”

Adults, of course, are another matter. Adults who suffer from gender dysphoria should be free to seek any care they like. Considering how few people identify as “transgender,” however, any kind of “gender-affirming care” for an adult is a discussion between an individual and their personal physician – not a subject for “a national conversation.”

With that in mind, why would the President of the United States drum up a fake issue? Besides being utterly unable to recognize a real problem from a made-up one, here is another reason: to distract you from his poll numbers rapidly approaching zero before all important midterm elections.

Joe Biden wants you to believe that crippling inflationskyrocketing gas pricescrime ruining your citiesSouthern border invasion, and his own family corruption are all “vast right-wing conspiracy.” The real problem this country is facing is the lack of “transgender visibility” and the evil conservatives denying kindergarteners “gender-affirming care.”    And whenever the far-left zealots feel that Americans are not on board with their pernicious ideology, they turn to one thing they really hate: religion.

Any day of the week, liberals will mock you and call you a bitter clinger for so much as admitting your religious beliefs.  But whenever they need help promoting things any moral person finds repugnant – be it abortion, vaccine mandates, or mutilating your children’s bodies – they tout G-d as their ally.   At the end of the day, claiming “religious exemption” to justify moral depravity is a liberal’s ultimate exercise in condescension to religious Americans.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Modesty and common sense forces me to refrain from telling you what I think. But., I will comment that our Assistant Secretary for Health is a shining example and perfect picture of good health for our nation and the rest of the world. Truely awe inspiring. As in awe . . .

  2. This article strikes the correct tone about the LGBTQ and I guess they added more letters of late?
    The Idea that the President or any agency of our government would devote such laser focus and abundant resources to address a. is problem that is not a crisis , ie crimes against trans, and b. is a significant portion of our population- not, is sheer lunacy on parade.

    Live and let live yes , but no special creation of la la land for you over thee . And certainly no trapesing out God as a some cynical political play either.

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