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Chart of the Day: Wannabe Content Creators, In Search of Publishing and Revenue

Content creators are one of the most desired job titles right now. Who wouldn’t want to earn a living online? And be a YouTube star? Or that go-to influencer?

There are millions of brands that will pay premiums to get their products in front of the right audience, with influencer marketing at the forefront. Shahrzad Rafati (CEO of BBTV, one of the largest creator solutions providers in the world) shared her top tips on how to make your content a career – learn here, here, and here.

For many content creators, Instagram isn’t everything. In the US, 41.0% of creators run websites or blogs to reach their audiences outside of social media. Newsletters and podcasts are also tools they use to stay connected. But perhaps most notably, 43.3% do not use anything other than social platforms.

New content channels bring new revenue streams – 64% of US creators who also use nonsocial platforms have monetized their secondary channels through sponsored collaborations. The roughly 2 in 5 creators relying exclusively on social media may be at the mercy of FacebookYouTubeTikTok, and the like, whose algorithms and policies are more subject to scrutiny and change than ever. See the stats below and learn more here.

Content Creator Channels 2022

Here are 22 Creator Economy stats that will blow you away (learn more):

  1. 50 Million Join the Creator Economy
  2. 46.7 Million Creators Consider Themselves Amateurs
  3. 2 Million Global Creators Make Six Figures
  4. Sponsored Influencers Are Worth $8 Billion Today
  5. 1 Million + Creators on OnlyFans
  6. 97.5% of YouTubers Don’t Make Enough to Reach the US Poverty Line
  7. Ad Revenue for Creators has Declined by 33% During COVID
  8. Half of Consumers Use Ad-Blocking Technology
  9. 29% of American Kids Want to be a YouTube Star
  10. 22 Thousand YouTube Creators Have More Than 1 Million Subscribers
  11. 500,000 Instagrammers Have More Than 100,000 Followers
  12. 300,000 + Twitch Streamers Are Either Partners or Affiliates 
  13. Nearly 17 Million Americans Earned Income Posting Their Personal Creations on Nine Platforms in 2017
  14. American Internet Creators Earned a Baseline of $6.8 Billion on the Nine Platforms in 2017 
  15. Estimated Traffic Coming to Nine Platforms from Seven Leading Social Media Sites Generated Earnings of More Than $504.6 Million for Creators in 2017 From Desktop Users
  16. An Estimated 3.2 Million Creators in California
  17. World Record for Hours Streamed in a Month is 595 Hours
  18. The Biggest Paid Publication on Substack is The Dispatch, Which Has Tens of Thousands of Subscribers
  19. Stir Raises $4 Million to Help Online Collaborators Split Revenue
  20. 52% of Creators Spent 0-39 Hours Per Month Devoted to Social Content
  21. Thematic Has Had 2.5 Billion Plays and 1 Million Fan Conversions
  22. $21 Million Estimated Monthly Payouts on Patreon

Among Content Creators, 42.0% of them are women compared to 51.4% which are men. Male income is about $61,532, whereas female income is $58,048, though this number is very skewed when looking at the hierarchy of earners. Learn more about Content Creator demographics here.

The 80/20 rule is actually pushed up to 95/5, where 95% of the revenues go to only 5% of influencers. The rest of the population makes do with so-called standard rates and simply works on the regularity of their income. The lower-level income earners in the content economy quickly adapted and found platforms that allowed them to maximize their earnings and improve monetization. See more infographics on revenue disparity here.

Digital content creation has been steadily rising even before the pandemic and is continuing to grow exponentially during and is projected to continue. The global digital content creation market size is expected to reach $38 billion by 2030. Of course, each industry sector will be different.

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