Chicken Genocide! (Satire)

By now, you have no doubt read or heard about the avian flu pandemic.   It’s a chicken public health emergency.

Forget the conspiracy theorists who propagate the nonsense that this pandemic was initiated on purpose by Peking Ducks.   Pushing that kind overt racism against Asian birds has no place in our Democracy.   If you haven’t noticed many chicken breeds like the Cornish are predominantly white so blaming Peking Ducks is nothing more than the Western white supremacist patriarchy blaming another race.

Hundreds of thousands of chickens are being slaughtered due to having the virus, meeting untimely deaths after exposure to infected birds.   The original request was for all chickens and geese to stay home, order food and other necessities online and not go out in public for two weeks.  Two weeks was a small price to pay if it saved the life of one chicken or one goose.

Thankfully, there are multiple avian flu vaccines for chickens and yet so many of these birds refuse to get the vaccines.   A vast majority of chickens have already taken advantage of these vaccines, including multiple booster shots.     Ask any vaccinated chicken why they chose to get the vaccine, and they will bob their heads like all the other chickens and follow their vaccinated (and more caring) friends into the chute to get their next recommended booster.

The problem with the continued spread of the virus are the uncaring, unvaccinated, selfish chickens and geese.   After the government lifted the lockdowns, the CDC issued mandates for social contact, but these chickens didn’t listen.   They insisted on going out and not maintaining social distancing.  We now have chickens who are going to bars and restaurants, attending concerts and sporting events and visiting family; all without masks or social distancing.   They are not washing  after using the restroom.  They are refusing to get the recommended vaccinations due to concerns about a (relatively) small segment of their population either still getting the flu after getting the shots or dying of the side effects.

As President Biden so aptly said:  It was a winter of disease and death for the unvaccinated.  They continue to clog our healthcare system and take up ventilators that more deserving, vaccinated chickens could be using to get healthy again.   Our caring President rightly blames the shortage of poultry and the subsequent increase in prices for food on selfish, egotistical chickens who refuse to follow the science. Some are even chickens, I dare say, who have Russian ancestry!

When will we as a society simply strip these birds of their rights, round them up and force them to mask and/or vaccinate or surrender their lives?   When is enough death enough?

Fowl Mandates – Chicken Lives Matter!

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  1. Mel Gibson’s Chicken Run was so prescient.
    I’m glad you didnt call those communist ducks Beijng ducks. Peking it is!
    I remain a Free Range chicken.

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