Supply Chain/ Food Crisis: Americans, Time To Get Your Mind In the Game

The onset of the covid pandemic began the global conversation about supply chains and empty shelves. Fast forward two years, rising inflation, destructive energy policies, and a fresh war unfolding in the breadbasket and energy sectors of Ukraine and Russia – suddenly, the discussion has pivoted to scary phrases like “global rolling blackouts’ and ‘regional famines.’

Experts around the world are sounding the alarm, the latest IMF bang:

The war in Ukraine has triggered a sharp increase in energy and food prices that could undermine food security in the region, raise poverty rates, worsen income inequality, and possibly lead to social unrest,” the Fund said in its annual Regional Outlook for Africa.

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanu big picture take on the crisis and insight”

Global Governments have initiated policies to reserve production and control of resources adding to the strain of supply for all.


WASHINGTON — Ukraine has limited exports of sunflower oil, wheat, oats and cattle in an attempt to protect its war-torn economy. Russia has banned sales of fertilizer, sugar and grains to other nations.

Indonesia, which produces more than half the world’s palm oil, has halted outgoing shipments. Turkey has stopped exports of butter, beef, lamb, goats, maize and vegetable oils.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has unleashed a new wave of protectionism as governments, desperate to secure food and other commodities for their citizens amid shortages and rising prices, erect new barriers to stop exports at their borders.

[…] Export restrictions are making grains, oils, meat and fertilizer — already at record prices — more expensive and even harder to come by. That is placing an even greater burden on the world’s poor, who are paying an ever-larger share of their income for food, increasing the risk of social unrest in poorer countries struggling with food insecurity.

Since the beginning of the year, countries have imposed a total of 47 export curbs on food and fertilizers — with 43 of those put in place since the invasion of Ukraine in late February, according to tracking by Simon Evenett, a professor of international trade and economic development at the University of St. Gallen.

Americans have seen the bottleneck of ships off the coast of California unable to off load cargo as cargo containers stack sky high with a backlog of transportation  issues. Over the last month  Shanghai’s lockdown has made shipping and supply lines a much more grave crisis with deeper impact, see here.

Ben Riensche, who runs the Blue Diamond Farming Company  addressed with Tucker Carlson how the Russia – Ukraine War would impact fertilizer and farmers ability to maintain crop yields:

The cliché here is to call this the perfect storm. Unfortunately, this is a willful act by many at different levels of governance and hierarchy around the world. No, the name for this is The Great Reset. The World Economic Forum  is real, and the systematic destruction of all pillars of cultural needs is very much in progress. Hopping lightning speed from one chaotic crisis to the next is not happenstance, rather it is by design. The goal being to transfer all sovereignty , nation status and individual, to the one world governing body who knows better.

The obvious is that the Western leaders have no motivation to defend their countries or citizens’ liberty. No matter where one comes down on the many nuanced factors concerning the two nations at war presently in Eastern Europe – The United States’ official position is to throw a frat beer pong party and spew inflammable accelerant. Gaslighting us all into WW3 and possible nuclear consequences has nothing to do with saving Ukrainian lives and everything to do with The Great Reset. Learn more about the Great Reset, here, here, and here.

The vile and cynical calculation here appears to be that the citizens of America will not experience the next Holodomor. Well, that is just bonny isn’t it? There will be regions of the world that will suffer starvation but here at home we will feel it in our pocketbooks, many of us may lose our homes, rentals, jobs, retirements, but- but- but- we will have something to eat, like the Great Depression that is all. Yes, our government thinks we are that stupid and hold us in that much contempt. Do not ever trust those who tell you they can finesse a collapse of the economy, food supply, and our very way of life.

Oh, did I forget to mention that pesky issue of China stockpiling resources for the last year? Less than 20% of the world’s population has managed to stockpile more than half of the globe’s maize and other grains, as well as, minerals. What do you think the CPP knew and were preparing? According to data from the 2021 U.S. Department of Agriculture, “China is expected to have 69% of the globe’s maize reserves in the first half of crop year 2022, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat.” Guess what? They did far better than projected!

So we are already knee deep in the food and resources crisis, which our elected officials have created and fostered – what now? Panic is counter productive. Fear comes from the unknown, so time to immerse yourself in the knowns, I say.

It might help to understand the American food supply chain system which are two separate food supply chains, commercial and residential. 

Restaurants and “outside the home” vendors do not primarily rely on grocery purchases to supply their food. We experinced this during the Covid Crisis in 2020. As a result of Coronavirus mitigation efforts, the food “outside the home” sector purchasing product dramatically dropped by 75%. The converse of this was a significant strain on the grocery retail market to provide all those who were now “inside the home” shopping, who normally did not do so.

There are many steps in food supply chains, so here is a brief rudimentary review:

Most Americans are unaware that there are only a total of 175,642 commercial facilities involved in the supply chain across the country. Farmers produce products, and some go directly into bulk storage, which always exists, such as frozen/fresh, dairy, meat, fruit, grains, and vegetables. The retail consumer supply chain for manufactured and processed foods has always stocked a harvest ahead and is designed to offset weather impacts. This bulk storage makes up most of the grocery store food supply chain for the manufacturers that make products under brand names and distribute directly to grocery stores. The commercial supply chain (restaurants, hotels, schools) is separate and utilizes primarily local and fresh food vendors with short shelf life and high turnover rate.  

Oh, there has also been a recent uptick in food processing plants catching fire or some other destructive accident, see here.

Now one might ask why not just switch over supply chains and send the excess of commercial to retail markets when crunches happen in supply line? This is a complicated subject, but the government’s regulatory compliance structure and food subsidy programs are not designed for flexibility and are embedded with perverse incentives that hamper easy integration.

It is never too late to start prepping for possible scenarios. Self-reliance, planning, and a little ingenuity  to protect one’s family in the event of an unsuspected tragedy, financial downturns, and yes, even pandemics and man made destructive policies is in straight order. Our Grandparents and Great Grandparents knew this drill. Of course, the level of preparedness can be cost prohibited for many, but doing nothing is not an option any longer.

Here are a few resources :

The MIGardner on YouTube is very informative:

Simplify Gardening is another:

Food prepping:

Visit Direct Link


Visit Direct Link

Remember to gameplay what you would do if the internet went down, electricity, no commercial stores, no banking, and so forth.

The time for all Americans to wrap their psyches’ around the hard times ahead is now. If we skate by then breathe a sigh of relief but know you would not have gone in the first wave, so to speak.

The mental game is the real battle.

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  1. “The mental game is the real battle.”
    And the first step is to wake up and accept the reality that a global coup is taking place to undermine our national sovereignty.
    Now let’s improvise, adapt and overcome as realists do.
    love the gardening info!
    Let’s be WINNERS!

  2. As elite establishment political figure Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” And there you have it in a nutshell.

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