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On “Overturning” Roe Vs. Wade – Succinct Encapsulation of Answers to the Leftists

I was chatting online with some fellow conservatives, including (gasp!) several women, about the hysteria around the SCOTUS leak. When one of my friends posted what I found to be the most succinct encapsulation of answers to the Leftists that I’ve ever seen. With his kind permission and anonymously , I am sharing it here on Right Wire Report because it truly cuts through the hysterical noise around the issue and brings a great deal of clarity.

My friend’s post:

It’s sad I need to state this, but there is so much stupidity out there by people who should know better.

If you are in America, you live in a country where the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Please let me know if you are confused as to what that means.

In America, Congress writes bills that get voted on. If a bill passes both houses, then it is off to the President to be signed into law. If this new law written by the Legislative branch (Congress) and signed by the Executive branch (President) is problematic and in conflict with the Constitution for any reason whatsoever, then the Judicial branch (Supreme Court) can strike down this new law and invalidate it.

I tire of how the Left looks to the President to write Executive Orders (which are NOT LAWS) when they can’t get Congress to write a bill they state the majority of Americans want.

It’s pathetic how the left ran to the courts to stop every Constitutional thing President Trump did (which was ruled Constitutional) and now demand The Usurper use an Executive Order to stop the Supreme Court from reconciling with the US Constitution.

The hyperbole from the most Constitutionally ignorant would be laughable if they weren’t so serious and confident in their stupidity.

Roe is a de-facto law. There was never a bill introduced by Congress and then signed by the President to codify it into law. This was the Judicial branch overstepping its constitutional authority, and it is the best thing for America to overturn, nullify, or strike it completely.

The wild claims of “interracial marriage are next” show an impressive level of commitment to remaining stupid or outright lying, given how Justice Sam Alito specifically stated that is not the case. Couple that with Clarence Thomas being happily married to a White woman for decades now, and you have a screaming bunch of idiots on the Left who would do better by keeping a lid on their desire to murder a baby in the third trimester.

Then there’s the whole rape, incest, danger to the mother’s life red herrings. Combined, these account for less than 1% of all abortions and are offered much like a child’s belief that holding their breath will somehow let them get their way.

Another point on this that really accentuates why you need to keep your emotions and stupidity to yourself is no one is stopping you from murdering your baby if Roe is overturned.

You can still go out, get drunk, and have sex with some random guy (no, a woman cannot impregnate you). You can neglect the use of any kind of birth control or contraceptives prior to the act, skip Plan B for a week, and even forego any abortion services within the first 90 days.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that you can carry your baby all the way up to dilation, why you can even give birth, and there will still be a “Doctor” available to come in and relieve you of the burden from your “choice.”

There won’t be any need to start hoarding coat hangers as you rage over the thought of Americans getting to decide at the state level where murdering your baby is celebrated as a choice.

The great thing about America is that if you don’t like how people live in a certain area, then you have the freedom of mobility and can move to where people live like you want to. If the federal government does it, then you have no place to go to escape the things you don’t like.

Before you start claiming women’s shoes will be outlawed next and that the only women who will be able to have abortions are the ones who can unshackle themselves from the stove and smuggle a coat hanger into a back alley, please take a moment to educate yourself.

If those in the government screaming the loudest about “your rights” and how much they are looking out for you really cared, then they would have written a bill and passed into law your ability to be an irresponsible asshole and just choose to end a pregnancy out of convenience.

The last point is this: My Wallet, My Choice. Pay for your own abortion if you want one so bad, and leave me out of it.

A final thought of my own ( Sgt. Rock) to leave you with:

Dear reader, It occurs to me that for the last three-plus decades, pro-life supporters have protested Roe V. Wade as a civil matter with prayer vigils and silent marches. Literally, on the day the angry children of the Left find out that SCOTUS has made a decision that may affect their “right” to infanticide (because it’s NOT being overturned), they begin rioting that they promise will last through the summer.

Such is the difference between a responsible citizen of the Republic and an angry, privileged child. But that is a column for another time.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Logic has left the building with most Leftists.

    I read a meme on Facebook today that said:

    “Start with regulating the Penis , You can’t get pregnant without one!”

    I had many instant reactions to this:

    1 Is there no vagina, ovum, or uterus involved in pregnancy?
    2. Is not the entire stance of the pro- life movement ‘you can’t regulate my body?” But suddenly hey – we can regulate yours if you are a man!
    3. Leftist want to regulate free speech to save tender feelings yet apparently memes that infer a vague threat to a person’s body part – is championed on social platforms.

  2. A good article, but it fails to mention what seems to be the most compelling reason abortion has been pushed closer and closer to birth– the huge and growing research and pharmaceutical market for fetal tissue at all stages of development. The fetal tissue market takes advantage of the catchy phrase “My Body, My Choice.” The market players only care about women as sources of fetal raw material. A more accurate phrase today would be “Your Body, My Research.”

  3. Very sensible and logical article. Unfortunately, a democrat is incapable of comprehending factual info.

  4. It’s not about Abortion

    The Constitution of America was the single greatest document ever written. It is what made America great. America’s greatness became the envy of the rest of the4 world and the reason so many evil people made it their life work to destroy it.

    In order to destroy America it must destroy the Constitution. To do that, it must prove it principles wrong and convince American citizens it is wrong—IE: right to bear arms, freedom of speech, the right to protest, right to life (inalienable right to life), and more. It is United States Constitution that protects everyone’s rights to live the life style or practice the religion of choice. The destruction of the Constitution will be the loss of guarantee of the quality of our life.

    It’s not about abortion. Women will still be able to obtain abortion if need be. It is about following the rule of the Constitution. The Roe vs. Wade statement by Justice Alito is an eloquent defense of our CONSTITUTION. It assures America that it can continue to feel safe as our Constitution remains protected so it can protect us. The politicians inciting anger and violent protest over the potential decision of SCOTUS are doing so upon a lie and are betraying the many good intentioned but ignorant protesters converting them into “useful idiots”. E protesting in the belief they are fighting for their freedom while not understanding or knowing that by attempting to force the SCOTUS to maintain the Roe vs. Wade decision, they are losing their freedoms. Slowly and often wrongfully our profound Constitution is altered, the people may lose more rights until one day they wake up and learn they have no rights. IE: the parents debate with the school board regarding what or what not can be taught to their children.

    Therefore, Politicians inciting these stupid protests and the protesters whose intentions are good are agents of the evil that is trying too destroy America and turn into another sad and miserable communist country that you didn’t want to happen and don’t know how stop. Stop being their “USEFUL IDIOTS.”

  5. The abortion industry has one true goal: immortality for the rich. They want to do research with fetal tissue with the ultimate objective of being able to produce and grow replacement body parts for the super rich, who can then prolong their lives indefinitely.
    Remember Genesis, when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge? God kicked the mount of Eden before they could eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal.
    Abortion is the fertilizer for the modern Tree of Life.

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