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Chart of the Day: A Third of College Students Consider Quitting – Why?

About a third (32%) of currently enrolled students pursuing a bachelor’s degree report they have considered withdrawing from their program for a semester or more in the past six months. This is according to a new Gallup report.

A slightly higher percentage of students pursuing their associate degree, 41%, report they have considered stopping out in the past six months. These are similar to 2020 levels when 33% of bachelor’s degree students reported they had considered stopping out and 38% of associate degree students said the same. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

College Student StopOut Rate

Among those who considered stopping out of coursework, the most common reason was emotional stress. Seventy-six percent of those pursuing a bachelor’s degree who have considered stopping out report they did so because of emotional stress they were experiencing.

A similar percentage, 63%, of associate degree students say the same. These represent significant changes from 2020 when 42% of bachelor’s degree students and 24% of associate degree students considering stopping out reported they did so due to emotional stress.

COVID-19, cost of attendance, and coursework difficulty were the three next-most-often reported reasons students considered stopping out; however, COVID-19-related reasons declined significantly from 2020 for bachelor’s degree students. Mentions of coursework difficulty increased significantly from 2020 to 2021 — 17 percentage points for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree and 10 points for those pursuing an associate degree. See this in the chart below.

College Student StopOut Reasons

With students considering withdrawing from their studies, enrollments are already on the back foot. Early fall 2021 enrollment numbers delivered more disappointing news to higher education leaders this month. Undergraduate enrollment sank once again, this time by 3.2% from the year before, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

Taken together with the fall of 2020’s decrease, undergraduate enrollment has now dropped 6.5% over two years. Declines were particularly severe at four-year, for-profit schools and community colleges, which have seen the largest two-year enrollment decline out of any sector. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

College Enrollment Declines 2021

So we have our today’s students in America that are a.) not sure they want to continue their education and b.) more and more don’t even want to go to university. One has to wonder how this bodes for the future generation that is coming.

The major reason cited for these education issues is stress. The stress of “what” would be the next question. The youth of today have so many issues to deal with it is not surprising that they are under such stress – the culture wars, education costs, and career prospects, just to name a few.

Or perhaps the new generation coming just aren’t tough enough. Give us your thoughts in the comment section below on why the youth is so stressed.

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  1. My guess is that maturity is a big factor. How does graduating from high school prepare a person for the responsibility of making a good decision about a career path and properly pursuing it at a college? Who knows what they want to do for a career at the age of 18? I like the idea of working and going to school part-time at a community college. And I say screw all these way overpriced private liberal arts colleges. And another idea? If you have to borrow huge sums of money to go to college, you’re making a mistake. Don’t do that. Stop it already.

  2. I am sooo tired about hearing about stressed snowflakes in college. How hard is it to go to 3 classes a day for an hour each, read for 3 hours a day and get laid. Throw in smoking pot to ease the stress. All on your parents dime. FJB

  3. Remember when all High Schools and many middle schools offered Industrial Arts like Ship, Welding, Automobile Repair, Home Economics (Male? Female?), typing, Agriculture and such? Many people got jobs and lifelong careers straight out of High Schools without College degrees. That all went away when social engineering through politics began. Now many people attend 4 to 5 years of expensive higher education and come out of the process dumber than when they went in.

  4. Enrico, if ya can’t make it through college you’re probably not going to make it easily through life. It’s difficult but not all that hard. But they don’t wand an education or a job really. They want a title and a position that will give them a lot of money without working for it.

  5. Aww you have to actually work, and make decisions and be held accountable if you are wrong?
    Awww waaah poor little puddle of vapour under the man in the canoe drippings.

    College is for losers to begin with. You’ll end up 150k in debt, NO job waiting for you, NOTHING waiting for you, except that huge bill you’ll be working your 35k / year job for 40 years to pay off.

    Grow up, become a bit more responsible and pick up a trade. You’ll be set for life, literally, and have plenty of money to enjoy it AND raise your family properly

  6. The best thing to study diligently and learn right now is farming/gardening. At the rate the left is destroying the first world, famine looms on the horizon. Learn to grow food! Next, learn how to master yourself. Understand there is a God and His son Jesus and they are the reason why you are alive. Feelings change, but God is eternal and sure. Get to know Him! Finally, one can retire a millionaire on almost any wage. All it takes is the desire and understanding of how to live below your means, help others and master the basics first. You can achieve a college-level education by using a library card.

  7. I got kicked out of high school and college because I was a lazy immature jackass. I then went in the Army and learned you don’t get squat unless you earn. I later became an officer and pilot, earned three degrees going to school at night, and became a CPA.
    Many decades later I am now retired and living the dream. College is not what most young adults need or want. They need a few years of harsh reality to figure that out; then they are ready for college, if that is what they want. Proof of what happens when too many unprepared immature folks enter higher learning is evidenced in the culture of big school campuses.
    Kids on campus are more concerned with “safe spaces and pronouns” than classes that will prepare them for profitable and productive futures. They protest absurd and make believe grievance. What a shameful waste.

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