How The Left Has Poisoned What It Means To Be Healthy

So what does the word ‘healthy’ even mean today? Increasingly, it means whatever those in power want it to.

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  1. So I have many mixed feelings about this issue.
    1. I agree that SI wokeness campaign is absurd and rather hypocritical and shamefully transparent to say the least.
    2. I also agree there is a trend of glorifying the morbidly obese that is unhealthy and should stop.
    3. However, I do not consider the very beautiful woman in the SI above as one of those morbidly obese and terribly unhealthy women. I do feel the way she is presented in the shoot was horrible- put a suit on the gal that fits her please! They purposefully put her in a suit 3 times to small to accentuate her weight! This is a tall and athletic build female who most likely is a size 18-20. The average size in western culture is 14/16. Comparing her weight to official charts may show a 50 pound over the stated healthy recommendation. But those charts are highly subjective and this women is far healthier and fit than most. Yes she has hip, thighs, and a tummy. But she is shapely and proportionate some would say Rubenesque. Again a very beautiful face and curvy lady with some meat on her – NOT morbidly obese and necessarily unhealthy. I suspect her family tree is lined with big boned , tall women.
    4. I reject the thought that putting her in the mix of the annual SI swimsuit thingy is prudent, as I reject the transgender on the cover. I think it is fine if they wish to include a section within the article where ,ore curvy but fit women are presented , but not the cover and not the majority of the issue.

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