Dear Mephistophelian: The Only Word and Phrase That Matters Today: ‘Survival’ and ‘End All Gun – Free Zones’

Writers – express specific words to convey ideas that provide context and meaning.

Today…which words can be written that have not been scribed before, and way too often, about school shootings?

The familiar and almost too mind – numbing list of words:

  • Tragedy
  • Evil
  • Innocents
  • Carnage
  • Massacre
  • Slaughter
  • Grotesque
  • Obscene
  • Senseless
  • The words just continue…

Then there are the catch all phrases:

  • ‘Gun Control.’
  • ‘Assault Weapons Ban.’
  • ‘Ban Ammo.’
  • ‘Prayers are useless.’
  • ‘Blood on your hands.’
  • ‘Enough is Enough.’
  • ‘Take Action Now.’
  • The Phrases just continue…

Here is the only word and phrase worthy of those eighteen children and two brave teachers at Robb Elementary School in Texas who were murdered ( at the time of this writing.) Hold that word and phrase, and we will come back to them.

What word or phrase adequately conveys the vile actions of cynical politicians and propagandists in the media today? Fiendish? Malevolent? Perhaps following today’s contemptuous behaviors, they get identified as Mephistophelian.

Hours passed while parents excruciatingly stood vigil, clinging to hope that their second grader , third grader, or fourth grader, whom was still missing long after the gunman’s last discharges – was somehow miraculously misplaced in an undisclosed location or hospital bed. In shock and stunned numb, they starred into reporter’s intrusive cameras and microphones, as like vultures picking a carcass, the ‘lead in’ questions tumbled forth from reporter’s lips,’ Why are you here? Do you think you’re child is still alive?” This is what passes for journalism in America today.

Wee little ones still lying on the school classroom floors or hospital morgue shelves, lifeless, waiting to be retrieved and identified did not derail those void of a moral compass. Arizona Democrat ,Congressman Ruben Gallego:

What could the Texas Senator Ted Cruz have done or said to warrant such a heinous verbal attack? This:

The Maskless, French Laundry Munching, California Ghoul Gavin Newsom wasted no time chiming and blaming with his souless contribution:

Bam Bam, The consummate  smooth ‘Player’ ever so mindful of the juxtaposition of the midterm tsunami crashing his party’s way – gave his handmaidens’ at the New York Times this balloon to rise:

“Nearly 10 years after Sandy Hook — and 10 days after Buffalo — our country is paralyzed, not by fear, but by a gun lobby and a political party that have shown no willingness to act in any way that might help prevent these tragedies.- Barack Obama”

Democrat lawmakers were ‘ lit up’ and internally humming like a teen girl squirming in the backseat of the football jock’s jeep as his tongue and hands were fondling, here.


Like that wind up Fischer-Price, See-N-Say toddler toy, Hollywood Celebs were a squawking, here.

The talking heads on cable were simply rinse and repeating talking points years old, at this point, but give credit for staying focused and on point, here, here and here.

But as dusk gave way on this, the cruelest cut of fate day, for many Americans’ it was not the ‘MAGA King’( Biden’s label for Trump) who stepped to the podium. Tucker Carlson summed up best who did shuffle forward to the mic to read his script:

Here is Biden’s presentation of “the further ripping apart of a nation in tatters and strings already” speech in full. If you feel you cannot stomach the whole gulp from Joey’s sippy cup,  Katy Pavlich’s article has a good variety of shorter sips to ingest , here.

But what about the ‘MAGA King?’ It should be noted, that Former President Trump is scheduled to deliver a keynote address in Houston at the NRA’s annual meeting this Friday.

Projection is a powerful tool used to divert, weave and deceive. The Democrats and their complicit media are masters at the art of accusing others what they themselves do. During President Trump’s tenure like many leaders he was called upon far too many times to speak to a nation mourning over a tragedy. Always, the Mephistophelian’s labeled him as rigidly partisan, authoritarian, divisive and destructive to our Republic. It is true that Trump could not overcome the lying Mephistophelian Cabal and unify the country – but not from lack of effort or leadership. One moment at the ‘MAGA King’s’ podium stands out above all others and serves as  a stark reality that elections truly do matter.


So yes, it is Groundhog Day again, and a pathetically desperate diabolic political party seeks to weaponize another shooting tragedy to run the inside rail and maintain power. If I was a betting gal I would place a large wager that the leadership in the Republican Party is yanking the bits of all galloping obstacles to make way for their victory over our constitutional second amendment right.

This is all kabuki theater. Biden lied to America as he read his talking points; on the effectiveness of the Assault Weapon Ban, on how America compares with other countries in terms of mass shootings, and he even slaughtered the deer Kevlar joke, no pun intended. Every lawmaker and political pundit knows the reality of the stats. They all know it is not the weapon which is causation for these unthinkable events we have endured too long as a nation. The data is overwhelming and conclusive, here, and here.

The progressive left virtue signal 24/7 about who we are as a nation, what our core values are, our character, equity, and most of all vomit constantly the declaration they are on the right side of the arc of history, blah, blah, blah.
But President Trump was correct in his speech above- it is our culture, not guns, that produced the plague upon us and is creating unstable and violent citizens. Progressive liberal policies at the city, state and federal level, over decades, have marinated our society in sickness. And the very last thing the left wishes to place energy and focus on is examination of their policy initiatives and causation.

In America, we should all be able to agree no child should become a victim of school shootings. No parent should ever be forced to wait hours outside the police tape perimeter across from their Childs’ school to see if that child walks out alive. There are but a few 100 percent’s in this world . But if one is serious about reducing the chances of their child or loved one being gunned – down singularly or in a mass casualty event, then choose the only effective course.

The most obvious policy to stop the vast majority of mass public shootings is to eliminate gun-free zones and encourage people to carry their permitted concealed handgun.’

Now, about that one word and phrase…

The word is: Survival, and the phrase is: ‘End All Gun-Free Zones.’

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 RWR original article syndication source.





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  1. And, like clockwork, the ignorant, reactionary, sheltered denizens of suburbia are whipped into a frenzy by the Corporate Media spin machine. One gem I saw was that Planned Parenthood (62 million children and counting) doesn’t kill children, the NRA (body count zero) does and that the government needs to ‘wake the f**k up.’ We need to ‘do something.’ As a lifelong gun guy and NRA Member, I just shake my head anymore at these people.

    And I can’t help but wonder given that Biden is tanking so badly on every issue and that Durham’s probe is really hitting pay dirt, if this isn’t designed to draw the herd’s attention away. Ukraine doesn’t seem to be doing it. Monkey pox not so much. This will fill the news cycle for awhile.

  2. The Federal Firearm Licensing Act is making its way in the House and they will now vote and send to Senate using this tragedy. I have no faith in Mitch and the Chamber of Commerce 11 crew to hold the line. I am trying to still have faith in Americans but where are they all? Flood the phone lines , crash website pages, go full on legal and peaceful redress and push back already!

  3. With respect , your comment indicates you did not review the data links provided. Logic is about data, reasoning, and critical thinking. The stats are both over a significant timeline for consistencies and conclusive in outcomes.

    When is the last time you read about a mass casualty incident at a gun range? What about a gun store? If one takes a map of the USA and uses FBI stats to plot the highest number of gun crimes you will note that where states and municipalities have the strictest restrictions on guns is where the highest traffic of violent gun crime consistently occurs. If you note the official FBI crime report on gun possession you will not the highest ownership of LEGAL gun purchases plot on that same map as lowest gun crime areas.

    This country has always been one where firearms have been a constant reality. Extrapolating for population over the last centuries there has always been many who possess weapons of all kinds including cannons and machine guns at times in relative significant numbers. But the mass shootings and or school mass shootings are rather recent factors of our culture,. Why is it that back in 1965 when most High Schools had students lockers filled with rifles or pick up trucks parked outside full with weapons on a rack were there no mass shootings at school? We taught riflery classes in school for goodness sakes and it was normal fixture in culture. There was zero stigma attached to owning a rifle, hunting , or going to the range, much less carrying for protection,

    No , I am sorry but logic dictates that predators prey on vulnerable targets they do not enter a school where they know in advance that many adults are armed, trained and can neutralize them in a rapid response.
    Even a cursory review of gang banging mass casualty incidents that happen daily across our inner cities bares out this logic. Criminals engage in firefights in public routinely and they do shoot one another which brings the event to a finality, an innocent does get tagged in bullet sprees at times, but when do they additionally shoot 19 innocents during that exchange? Extremely rarely .Why? They are under direct return fire that is why.

    Deterrents work. You stop a madman with a weapon by firing back once he or she had started discharging the weapon…period. And you deter their venue and choice of sitting ducks in advance by being a non gun- free zone.

    Our government spends our tax monies to date $150 billion to protect Ukrainians and provide them weapons but allows our children to be sitting ducks in boxes with one door for evil to pick off at close range. You can never end the availability to weapons in this country. There is no law or force that can do so and rational people understand that reality. Why would anyone ever want to make it easier for us to be slaughtered by limiting our rights to defend ourselves and our children?

    Perhaps ask the Ukrainian people who were not allowed to be armed before the invasion if they support the concept of not being able to defend yourself with the exact same force level that comes at you, what do you think they would reply?

    Harden all schools infrastructures just like federal buildings and airports, allow those adults who choose to arm, train and do so , end all gun -free zones and post notices up, and then start the very long slog of purifying our sick and dying culture. Unfortunately, the last on the list is hardest .Leftism is a toxic virus that permeates the roots. In all eras through out man’s history, leftism left to run its natural course has resulted in 100s of millions dead and empires crumbling. It was not conservative values that locked our kids down , forced masks on their faces in school, and crumbled all stability in their lives during Covid. And frankly the kids were already very messed up before that.

    No, it is not the gun that is robbing our youth of life, hope, or even progress , anymore than it is the car driven by a 17 yr old drunk driver. It is the person and that person’s social environment and mental strength. How many mass shootings in schools were taken place when we cited the pledge of allegiance every morning as we hoisted the American flag in the diamond? How many during school prayers days of old? How many before massive divorce rate, massive illegal aliens influx into our communities( language and different cultures), and violent video games? How many prior to massive addiction rates and OD /suicide stats? How many before overprescribing mental health drugs? How many before massive welfare state expansion and growth of dependency on the state? How many before exploding unwed mother rates? How many before Hollywood and Music industry glorified misogyny and desensitizing towards acute violence? How many before the rise of 24/7 LGBTQ plus propaganda for the rest of the 97% of society to pretend they are majority and prominent to all quality of life measures? How many before we had people testifying in our government that one could choose be a biological man and give birth or have an abortion much less not be able to answer what a woman is?

    I am sorry but if you wish to truly look at illogical thinking start with a culture who denies basic realities.

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