Debate Ensues After Mysterious Lights Appear Over San Diego

Debate Ensues After Mysterious Lights Appear Over San Diego

Residents across San Diego on Monday night reported mysterious lights in the night sky. The unidentifiable lights were spotted south of downtown San Diego. 

A flood of Twitter users posted pictures and videos of “weird lights” above San Diego. The bizarre footage showed three to six glowing balls of fire hovering in the night sky. 

Residents across San Diego, parts of Mexico, and even San Clemente reported seeing fireballs over the ocean. 

It was reported by local news ABC7 that “there weren’t any commercial or military aircraft on the radar in the area” during the time the fireballs left many San Diegans scratching their heads. 

The sight was so bizarre that Google searches across the region for “UFO” spiked last night as some thought Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman’s alien invasion was underway. 

The sight of an alien invasion would’ve made Krugman very happy, though some on Reddit revealed that the fireballs appeared to be flares from military planes flying around the area. 

“Here is your answer to all those lights in the sky,” said one Redditor. They tweeted a picture of flight tracking website Flightradar24 showing at least two military airplanes, one a Lockheed Martin KC-130, off San Diego’s coast, flying in circles. 

Another Redditor snapped one of the clearest pictures of the fireballs from La Jolla, showing what could be military flares. Smoke trails are visible in the top two fireballs, though nothing is confirmed. 

Similar lights in the night sky spooked San Diegans in August 2018 but were later confirmed as military flare during a training mission 30 miles off the San Diego Coast, according to CBS 8.

With no confirmation from the military, the internet remains abuzz about last night’s mysterious light show. 

Tyler Durden
Tue, 06/28/2022 – 23:05

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