Midterm Decision 2022

Chart of the Day: 2022 Midterms August Polling – Who Will Take the House and Senate?

We are now about three months away from the all-important 2022 midterms. It may decide the future of America. Many people are expecting a “bigly” Red Wave to sweep over Congress and many Govonorships across America. Will this belief become a reality?

I know many people poo-poo polls, but nevertheless, it may be useful to look at the current polling at this most crucial time. One of the key polling is the consolidation of polls done by Real Clear Politics (RCP) as well as a few others. Let’s take a look at this polling to see what it might be telling us.

RCP currently shows 33 toss-up House districts, but Republicans have 223. This means the Red Wave should be coming to the House. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

House Midterms RCP Polls 2022-08RCP currently shows seven toss-up Senate races for the all-important Senate that can approve many judicial opponents regardless of the overall control of Congress. This means the Red Wave maybe not be quite so evident. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

Senate Midterms RCP Polls 2022-08In a more “Left” leaning pollster, FiveThirtyEight equally has the Republicans taking the House. However, they believe the Democrats could maintain their grip on the Senate. See this in the chart below and learn more here and here.

Fivethirtyeight Midterm Polls 2022-08

What are the key issues among voters? KFF has done some recent polling on this. Among all the issues polled, gun violence and abortion access rank highest among Democratic voters, with about eight in ten saying each is “very important” to their vote.

Nearly nine in ten (89%) Republican voters say inflation and gas prices are “very important” when considering who to vote for this November, 29 percentage points higher than Democrats. Inflation and gas prices are also the top issues for independents, with more than three-fourths (77%) saying it is “very important” to their vote. See the breakdown in the chart below and learn more here.2022 Midterm Issues 2022-08

In the final analysis, assuming no significant October surprises and election integrity issues, the Red Wave is coming, but not as strong as many believe. The Republicans look to take the House but would at best marginally take the Senate. There are enough RINO Republicans that could allow Democrats to continue to wield some power in Congress, though the House could block a lot of the more extreme Biden agenda issues for the remaining two years of his term.

The point is, though the Red Wave is real, Republicans will need to keep the pedal to the metal to ensure an effective Red Wave takes power in 2023. What Republicans do with this power is another matter.

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  1. Watch out for voter fraud in the inner city districts. More poll watchers are needed to prevent voter fraud

  2. I just can not understand why anyone in their right mind would vote for a dem/communist or a RINO but a lot of fools do why?why do people think that government is the answer to anything all the government ever does is make things worse in other words the government will fuck up a wet dream.Why dem/communists ever get elected is something I can not understand and RINOs either all the RINOs are is a dem/communist in disguise . Joe the Sniffer is not a surprise he has done everything he said he would he has sold us out to the Chinks he has sold us out to the highest bidder on every thing.The guy has been on the take for the last fifty years he makes the mafia look like alter boys.

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