‘Time To Choose’: Gavin Newsom Demands Hollywood Producers To Film in California

A person who defines freedom as letting you choose what color of mask to wear for dinner, Gavin Newsom, continues his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. However, there is one thing standing in his way: his governing has more people and businesses fleeing California than war-ravaged Ukraine. So, Gavin is chasing anybody who will listen with an appeal to come back, pronto.

Following his comedy routine identifying as a political ad that gave Florida residents the laugh of their lives, Newsom is now appealing to people who actually “share his values:” Hollywood. Here is Newsom’s pathetic attempt to shame Hollywood producers into doing business in his state:

“Most importantly, we share your values.  It’s time to choose. “

People of Hollywood, Gavin has put you on notice.  If you don’t immediately report to California to help Gavin with his Presidential aspirations, he will revoke your French Laundry priority pass.

“Today more than ever, you have a responsibility to take stock in your values – and those of your employees – when doing business in those states.”

While California city streets are being overrun with crime and homelessness, Gavin Newsom wants to remind you that other states (where people are still required to pay for stuff they take from the stores) are “waging a cruel assault on essential rights:”

“Over the past several years, the legislatures of states like Georgia and Oklahoma have waged a cruel assault on essential rights.  Now, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s abhorrent decision overturning Roe v. Wade, those same states are quickly moving to strip reproductive freedom. “

Remember that Georgia “cruel assault on the right to vote without an ID” which led to a historic voter turnout? We cannot let that happen in California. Also, you may have heard that “the cruel states” are now letting parents “in” on the school curriculum. And if that does not make your blood boil, they even require schools to notify parents when their young child requests “gender-affirming care” or an abortion. Gavin will never allow that kind of “ cruel assault on essential rights” in California!

“California is a freedom state: freedom to tell your stories.”

If you are an entertainment company making children’s content in California, you are free to “tell your stories” no matter how sexually suggestive they may be.  If you are a medical professional, California will give you as much freedom as you need to experiment on children with puberty blockers and disfiguring surgeries.  If you are a 12-year-old girl, California will fully support your freedom to have sex with adult men and have abortions without ever notifying your parents.  If you are an illegal immigrant, you have all the freedoms and rights of a legal California resident, including free healthcare paid for by hardworking taxpayers.  And if you are a criminal thug running wild in San Francisco, law enforcement will never infringe on your freedom to break into cars or loot convenience stores.

So, people of Hollywood, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and do business in California.  And if “California values” are not worth your while, there will be plenty of “tax incentives.” California has a giant budget surplus paid for, in part, by the “hateful states” that are cracking down on people’s freedom to get paid for not working.  Gavin is not going to waste that money on helping small business owners that lost their livelihoods during his French Laundry dining spree.  After all, he expects some of those “incentives” to be promptly donated back to his political campaign in exchange for more “freedoms.”

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  1. Well written article, it is informative and tells exactly who Newsom is. The only thing is, no white male need apply for president from the Dem party. The only male acceptable to dems is a black drag queen. So Newsom is in dreamland thinking that he has a shot, I guess Hollywood is the right place for that fantasy to play out.

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My first introduction to politics was during the second Israeli intifada in 2002. Unspeakable violence erupted in Israel. Every day dozens of people were killed. Even though I didn’t follow politics, that deeply affected me. I felt sad, frustrated, and powerless. And one night, I happened to stumble on an MSNBC program called “Alan Keyes is making sense.” He was talking passionately about Israel and the violence, and he addressed my feelings very well.  Since that evening, I turned on Alan Keyes every night, and by his commentary he was able to take away some of the frustration and anger that I had. It was like a nightly therapy session.

Feeling intrigued after watching Alan Keyes, I wondered what else MSNBC had in store. I switched through the channels, and low and behold, I found Scarborough Country. Right off, Joe Scarborough wasn’t what he is today at all. He was a solid conservative (as I now understand), making common sense conservative points. I found him interesting and engaging. Opposing liberalism had not entered my mind at that time. I still didn’t know anything about liberalism. It was just the things he said sounded very common sense and worthwhile to me. Imagine that at some point, MSNBC had a conservative host on the air. Crazy times, ha?

Exploring my new political universe, I switched through more channels, and one night I found FOX. O’Reilly Factor was on. From the very first night, I was hooked. I abandoned Scarborough. O’Reilly was not just common sense – he was aggressive, and he was a fighter. He was Scarborough on steroids. He wasn’t just talking – he was taking on what he thought to be wrong and unjust. Ever since the first time, and until untimely end of Bill’s FOX career, I don’t think I ever missed one Factor.

For forming my political views, and my ability to formulate them, I have to give special credit to three people: Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, and Greg Guttfeld.  To Charles - philosophy.  To Bill - realistic and pragmatic approach to politics.  To Greg - realization that a good joke will change more minds than a long lecture.

And for everything else, thanks to my family.

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